Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some posts have no titles ..

..coz I cant think of one right now :P

What’s with everyone?! I know its New Years and all that but why does everyone have to waste their money and time messaging ‘Happy New Year’. I mean, I know you wish me a ‘happy-happy’ new year..duh, it’s obvious! Thank you very much but I don’t like to see my cell phone beeping every 2 minutes just to see the same old message again and again from so many people! Sorry, it’s just that I’m so bugged of these forwards that I decided to dedicate half a post to them. I share everything with my blog, you see!

Oh what a start, WHAT a start to this post! Anyway, so college started. It saved me from tearing my hair out. And getting bald for me is like committing yeah :)
I was just talking to a friend some minutes before everyone went “yayy! 2010’s hereee” and she accused me of sounding very low and depressed about the coming year. That irritated me further coz I don’t know how I was ‘supposed’ to react if that was one of her ‘oh-so-jumpy’ days and not mine :|
I wasn’t upset..she was just too overjoyed to see anything else!

I’m just being horribly mean these days. I don’t know why!! I don’t want to but why are people behaving so idiotic! Or is it just me? Okay, maybe it’s me but fuck! I can’t help it. I can’t always be tum-khush-toh-main-khush types!
Tum khush? Okay! But, sometimes main nai khush, okay?

And my darling 2010, you better bring some good sexy change alright. I bloody well expect you to be so very dhinchak ;)

P.S: Do I bore you guys with my day-to-day updates?
But I have so much to say ..that I just go on and on you see :D
Be honest. Okay, not SO honest hmm.

Oh, and I swear to never touch Chocolate Fantasy in CCD along with Vodka and Beer because the chocolate fantasy served to me today looked like it was a victim of a tsunami or something and that totally killed my appetite. But I took it so I had to have it and I ended up feeling PHAAT for NO reason. Bleh.


Chocolate Lover said...

Yes you do :P
LOL just kidding.. ;)

you never bore us :)
you are reallyyy sweet

buckingfastard said...

yoohoo!! sum1 is getting no sms-es fr 2011...

pls pls...i cant handle criticism abt choclate fantasy...i slappd my frnd in CCD fr da very same reason once...

ohh yea...dat frnd kept kicked me all da way back home fr da slap

*Shreya* said...

awwwwfah *thats hi5 said with an accent :P*

i don't EVER wish people for such retarded reasons :) never. my cell-phone credit matters much more to me!!!
not on the phone, not in person. never.

i hate being jumpy about things. join daaaaa club lady!

And, you mean the chocolate fantasy (which is normally sinfully sinful)was goooooey?? Must have been stale. like a week old or something :/ or a month. but certainly not a year old :P

AND...i love ramblings and rantings!!!! Shyaa who wants to be Shake-es-pear or Shobha Dee man :D

Lavender said...

I lurvvveeeee Choclate Fantasy!
For the love of Chocolate dont ever day that! :(
And those messages
I hope you have a sparkling fun filled year full of new beginnings
Thanks but no thanks loser :P
Plus sooo much money goes no.
Like 3 rupees per message.
And then they send it to some 100 people.
*Does the math and dies*
Think of how many chocolate fantasies you can have with that much money? haha

*Shreya* said...

She's got a point maaaaaayannn!!! o.O

oRange* said...

@Choco: awhiee :)

@buckingfastard: lovely! thats what i was aiming for! i'll say it again sucked! it sucked so bad!

@Shreya: nooo, it wasnt stale! its just that it was like super heated and it was floating on a plate full of chocolate sauce. like a pastry in chocolate soup. get the picture? its still haunting me ..that gooey thing ..aahh :O
awwwwfaah love ;)

@Lavender: i used to love it too once upon a time :(
i hope u never get to see such a day when u'r given a horribly melted choco fantasy.
oh yes, sparkling fun and all that. sure -_-

Yemiledu said...

I so very like your day to day updates gal!
Keep writing!

SiD said...

I also hate this 'Happy happy' new year messages...

God... at 11:59 i am drinking at 12:01 i am drinking...wats so happy about that one minute??

should i be happy that the year has gone or the new year has come...:P
i mean no one wishes good luck for coming year...God we have 365 days..and all ppl are happy is one day...:D

So anyways...Cheers to the next few days...:D

Nipun said...

I never get bore while reading even if the post is boring.
U never bore me.
New year wil surely be great and sexy and DHINCHAK with my wishes added with everyone else's.
Happy new year and don't stop writing.


p.s. Never go to CCD again. It sucks really. I am a victim too.

blunt edges said...

oh come on how bad can choc fantasy get??? ;)

well even i'm hoping 2010 to be dhinchak! :D

SiD said...

oh and good, you don't bore atleast...not me...

its good to hear wats going on in a girls head...for a change..;)

The Crystal Heart said...


Disguise said...

You don't bore me love! :)

agent green glass said...

ok, so they are right. you are not boring.

mohit said...

happy new year !

umm...or was I not supposed to say that? :P

happens with me too at times.... ppl just get overjoyed at times and I end up looking like someone just died.... its not you...its them !

cheerio :)


hee hee....u shouldn't have to apologise for writing wat u feel...that's wat blogs are for :D

oRange* said...

@Yemiledu: haha!


@Nipun: hope so. nooo, it doesnt suck :(

@blunt edges: i cant even begin to explain

@The Crystal Heart, Disguise, agent green: :)

@mohit: yah!

@Little on the edge: u'r right

Ramit said...

Totally with you on the messaging part. It's irritating! Don't worry about being in a jumpy mood all the time. At times, you can be quiet too. It's good for the soul.

I absolutely have no idea what chocolate fantasy is! Ooopsie!

Happy Nu Year oRange!

Ria said...

u can never bore us hun!! *hugs*

oRange* said...

Ramit: you've never been to CCD or what? chocolate fantasy is this really yummmy chocolate pastry. they heat it and serve it with chocolate sauce and at times with ice-cream too. it comes for 52 bucks :P
rush to your nearest CCD and if they serve u one like the one i got, just walk out -_-

@Ria: *hugs*

Urvashi said...

Hey, it wasnt boring ot read thsi post..infact New year msgs ca nbe boring.. ;)

"Tum khush? Okay! But, sometimes main nai khush, okay?" sounds so sweet....!!! :)

Keep writing..n wish u happy n joyful year ahead.. . :)

Darshan Chande said...

Happy New Year! Ah, I feel nothing extraordinary about such occassions. Be it new year, or christmas, diwali, or whatever else, I find in them no more reason to celebrate than I find in every single day, in every single moment. Sometimes I think such celebrations are nothing but people's enmptiness and the want of fulfillment coming out with force. I am quite fulfilled all the time. Can't say this to everyone who wishes me, so I just wish them back... :)

The Juggernaut said...

yea..kinda irksome ppl breathing down happy new year all the time

but still happy new year to u =D

nil said...

YOU? Boring me? Hah,no way! I'd diee without blogs like yours.
And oh my GAWD,you have,well actually you DO have an idea about those forwarded texts being so annoying!
I mean,honestly,I wouldn't mind a plain,simple "Happy New Year". But all those lame msgs "May this year..blah blah..yada yada..mumbo jumbo",, UGH. Annoying.

So yeah.
I agree:)

HEY,don't quit on Choc.Fantasy!
They're oh my GOD so awesome!

Keep updating :)

oRange* said...

@Urvashi: awh :)
wish u the same!

@Darshan: totally agree with u!

@Juggernaut: hehe, ya same to u!

@nil: sweeet!
haha, i dont really think i can actually :P

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥