Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A few habits which annoy me to the core!

The ‘what’s up’ types!
Ugh. Who invented this word? Whenever someone asks this question, the person is not really interested in knowing what’s actually happening in your life ..its merely a way to start a conversation(and then kill it)! Before even asking the question, u know what u’r gonna get back in return...And that’s "nothing ya, just normal stuff"
I mean seriously, why would I even bother to tell some random friend ..this is up and that is up ..And blah blah blah. U’r not even interested so why the hell do u ask me such dumb questions!!
What’s up is still fine..Recently a random person turned up and asked “so, what is up?” I mean..Duh! “What’s up” toh theek tha, now what’s with the “what is up” dude!

Some people have this annoying habit of coming weirdly close to u while talking. So close that u have no place to breathe! You’re like screaming for oxygen out there and that person expects u to have a proper conversation with him/her! There was a time when I actually tripped while moving away from the person. Like I kept going behind and *woops* I tripped over a stone! And he went like “omg! Careful” ..yeah right careful! U’ll attack me any second, how can I be careful :S

Another habit which irritates me is when people start getting too touchy! I have a space around me and I don’t like just anyone intruding it. Its creeps me out! I have a cousin who just cant keep her hands off people! The last time I went to her house, she actually slept all night hugging me ..and u can imagine how the night passed! Yes, I was unable to move ..i managed to sleep for like an hour or so!

And then u have people who cant stop saying “what else”! After every sentence u say, they’ll go “so, what else”. ARGH. What do u want to hear! No, just tell me what u want to hear and ill say it and u can finally stop saying those two unbearable words! In some time, maybe before u even complete the sentence ..the person’s gonna go “what else?” :O

The last category I can think of now is that of those people who expect u to have no other work than to sit and call them every single day! Even if u’r talking to them after 2 days ..they’ll be like “You forgot me na! Aisa na. U cant even call! What ya!”
Seriously honey, im TRYING to forget u ..but kya kare, u just keep appearing :S

Why this sudden outburst of annoying habits? Well, its because I just met a friend who is blessed with all these qualities :D
Huahaha! But who does not have annoying habits noh ;)

P.S: Kareena’s hot man!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why so grumpy?

“Some of us are sadomasochistic; some of us thrive on having our minds messed with, our hearts constantly in a churn of adrenalin. As long as our fix is met, of people who will play basketball with our hearts and minds, we somehow feel justified in being the victim. Well, I was done with being the victim. The credits had rolled, and I was now going to live the rest of my life.”
-You Are Here by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

This for me, is the best part of the book. I totally agree with it! Some of us are made that way. We have fun playing the ‘victim’..everytime. It gives us a weird kind of a high. I too was once upon a time a part of that league.

Times have changed. Im done blaming people for the various things that have happened. Im glad they occurred, for if it wasn’t for them and those assholes that came by and shook me, I wouldn’t be the way I am today. I needed that *shaking* from time to time.

The teenage years is the time when we start whining about every small thing happening to us ..and u know the “I like him but he likes my best friend” shit ..and ofcourse “why meeee!!” is like the most common dialogue used by people. I SO hate that line! Doesn’t make sense. Stop fretting people. Get a life.
..and for some, that continues and u slowly start becoming that way. U get used to crying over stuff and having a hundred people console u

There was a point of time when saying “im bugged” became a routine for me. In a day, I just had to say that line atleast once! Then one day, my friend asked me why was i SO bugged and that what went wrong ..and I just stared back blankly at her.
lol, I didn’t know why I was bugged inspite of using it every single day!
And from that day onwards, I stopped using that highly negative and depressing line.

Like some people have the habit of saying “im bored” ..they just cant do without it. They’re so used to saying that, that it eventually becomes a part of them.

So its always better to stop showing yourself as this totally bored, tired, irritated with life, why-me types personality ..
U just spread negativity and nothing else.

Take a stand. If u dont like the way your life's turning out to be and u think it sucks, do something about it. Dont just complain. Gets u nowhere.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Think. Think. Think

People dont THINK and then they say that I over-think!
I agree at times i do tend to over-think but duh ..not always! There is a thin line between thinking and over-thinking ..and over-thinking only gets in negativity but that shouldnt stop u from thinking. Introspection is such an important thing. U need to question urself every now and then ..

People just avoid thinking and questioning themselves coz they're afraid to know themselves. Once u discover some things about yourself, u never knew would require u to change those things which u've always believed in without any reason. This obviously is a huge task. Thus, why think! UGH. Unbelievable.

And the worst part is when some people close to u are like that ..
it takes them ages to become aware of the things that are OBVIOUS to u!

P.S: I dont suffer from a superiority complex ..but at times i cant help wondering why people are so dumb.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty much clueless ..

I dont know where my life's heading ..i have absolutely NO clue :P
I just know having fun ..and im happy
I have NO plan whatsoever!

Half the people around me have every single step of theirs planned out ..right in front of their eyes ..and me far from planning ..
coz i dont think planning helps. Life just throws u stuff ..and there go ur 'plans' down the drain!
But yes, they do make u feel much more secure

Tell me this is NORMAL!
..those 'ambitious' ones out there must be giving me weird looks ..ahh, i know!

P.S: STOP the fucking crackers! DIWALI is OVER people!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Why do people leave? Why does everything come to an end one day? I mean, everything’s so very perfect ..and then one day ..the world turns upside down ..and u lose all that u loved so dearly. This sucks.
I know im supposed to enjoy and cherish every moment and live in the present and blah blah ..but I cant stop such passing thoughts from coming my way!

P.S: Cant I just have a world which only includes people I love ..minus all those impurities! Okay, I know I sound dumb but im feeling so helpless.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huh? What? When?

A and B were happily watching MTV when B threw a big, round, black cushion at A. The cushion hit A right on her face. A threw it back at B. This went on until A got irritated and told B to stop. They continued watching tv and then something came into B and he suddenly got up and pressed the cushion on A’s face! A was in for a shock and was fuming with, because she was drooling over Ben Affleck (OMG!!) when B played this stupid prank ..two, A JUST couldn’t breathe! As A couldn’t see a thing, she started moving her legs and hands frenetically! And then finally, B stopped! “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U!”,A screamed! B was laughing hysterically! “Chill, it was a joke!” he said between his laughs! After he was done laughing ..

B: but u shoudnt have slapped me! Relax yaar, it was a just a joke!
A: whaaat? I didn’t slap u!
B: ofcourse u did ..u slapped me hard!
A: no I didn’t!
B: u kicked me in the groin and u slapped me as well!
A: craaaap!

[and this argument continued! Both of them were furious at each other. A got up and left, disgusted.]

For all those who haven’t figured it out ..yeah, A is me :S
and im still wondering ..if I did slap and kick him that hard! I feel as though I was drugged or something coz I swear I don’t remember doing anything like that!
Lol, this is pretty comical! He’s like the 2nd person I’ve slapped (my brother being the first) :D
..and seriously, if I intended to slap him ..i would have slapped him harder :P

So what do u do when something like this happens?! :O
Apologize? But for what o_o
Trust me, im still trying to remember!
Haha ..coz I just remember my hands and legs moving in the air! I mean, if u slap someone, aren’t u supposed to feel it! DUH!

P.S: and no, im not a violent person. I don’t indulge in such ‘hatha payi’ every second day :P
Im a peace-loving person! But when I get down to slapping and kicking pretty GOOD ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just one look enough ruin my day!

WARNING: A lengthy post ahead. Not funny.

Lovely weather. Got up early for a change. Finished everything on time.. smoothly. Reached the bus stop. Got a good seat. I was on my way to meet a friend. Travelling by the BRTS bus is always a pleasure..

Very happy with the way the day started, I plugged in my iPod and looked out of the bus window. Just then, I received a message and while I was replying, I looked up and *THUD* ..I saw him. I didn’t believe what I saw ..rather I didn’t WANT to believe what I saw. Am I hallucinating? Or is he really in the same bus as mine! Oh fuck. He is and I want to jump out!! Dammit.

There he was in that blue t-shirt of his, my ‘darling' ex. His hairstyle had changed. He was looking so different. So wicked (or was it just me?!). I saw him after a full gap of 6 months. I quickly looked away. I don’t even know if he saw me, for all I care! I saw him and I hated it. The bus started. I did want to turn behind and see where he was but I didn’t. I’ve done too many silly things as far as he is yeah.

The music was playing in my ears but I didn’t get a WORD. My thoughts went places. I suddenly felt very ‘small’. There was a time when I increased the volume to the fullest possible just so that my thoughts get obstructed but it was no use. I kept getting that horrible feeling. Sharing the same space with him became so difficult. I just wanted to dig myself way below the ground. Like way below. I hate being reminded of his existence. Suddenly, I started coughing frantically. It just wouldn’t stop. Oh, bloody hell! Not now! And then the funniest thing happened.. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Is it because of the coughing or Am I actually crying? Oh shit! To make matters worse, the aunty beside me just HAD to stare! Leave me alone!

I love the way my life is right now but even the look of him is enough to spoil my day. Yes, we ended on a very ugly note. After grade 12, I wanted to to leave Bombay. One of the major reasons was so that I don’t see him anymore. Sadly, that didn’t happen. I’m here and so is he.

I’m still trying to figure out why I feel this way whenever he’s around. Why can’t I look at him in the eye! Why do I avoid him! Why do I still give a shit to his presence! I never loved him. I was just plain used to him. Some weird kind of attachment for no reason..Which I don’t think ill ever have with anyone else.
I feel, the way our relationship ended was very incomplete. I have a lot left to say but he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass. He has moved on very well. Even I have but such small instances disturb me. I suck.

I know I’m giving him the power to hurt me. But trust me, I can’t help it. The feeling’s still there and I guess ill just wait for it to disappear. As usual..

He’s still special. And god, he looked so cute.

P.S: Whenever I think a lot about him, he just appears. It happened this time too. Weird.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday, my friend and I were sitting in the canteen and she starting singing ..

D: Wake up sid, saare paanch baje..

Me: huh? What? Sing it again

D: why? Wake up sid, saare paanch baje (she said it again so casually.. like nothing was wrong)

..when I heard this and saw the expression on her face, I burst into fits of laughter! Laughed like a total maniac. Finally, I managed to tell her that its wake up sid, saare pal kahe and not saare paanch baje for god’s sake!
And she was like “oh ya?! I didn’t know! But ..saare paanch baje also fits na?:P”

Waise, it does..
“wake up sid, saare paanch baje
wake up sid, chal kahi chale…”

I cant help laughing my ass off when people mess up the lyrics of some song! :D
Its just really very amusing to hear!

Btw, wake up sid. Go watch. Amazing. Ok not so amazing. Im biased coz I adore Ranbir. But go for it. One time watch.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Blogger's gone mad
dont trouble me so much blogger! -_-

Just got to know that comments werent being processed here :O
now its fine :)
i dont know what went wrong though. I just changed a few random settings o_O
All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥