Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whats in your heaaaad!

I heard this quote somewhere “If you hold back on the emotions–if you don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them—you can never get to being detached, you’re too busy being afraid. You’re afraid of the pain, you’re afraid of the grief. You’re afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails.”
And that I think that is a sad state to be in. I don’t see the point of holding back your emotions. What are you scared of anyway? You’ve just got one life; you really want to spend it living like a restricted, insecure person?

I usually don’t write movie reviews but this movie I just watched some time back was so pathetic that I had to mention it today. Chance pe Dance. Yes, it was horribly predictable. I was desperate to watch a movie and that’s why we planned on going for this one. Dance my ass! There’s no sign of good dance. After every 5 minutes, you have Shahid saying “1,2,3” and then you have green, red, yellow lights on him and he starts his acrobatics. Shahid, u disappointed me and Genelia ..It’s high time you stop giggling. It’s annoying. Nil chemistry between the two. There was a ‘trying to get intimate’ scene which was the biggest disappointment. Such things weren’t even shown in the 80s. The only good part was Zain Khan. Go google him. 16 yr old cutie. Not bad.

Anyway, the newest update is that I’ve turned into a vegetarian inspite of being a proper, hardcore Bengali (no wait, I would never have rice and fish so not that proper). Dad laughs it off saying that he’s sure I’ll go back to eating chicken in a few days, my mum’s furious as she feels I’m only doing this to lose weight, my brother who just isn’t aware of how important my decision is.. could only come up with a “So?” and my uncle who would keep joking about coming to my house after I get married to eat maach-bhaat is deeply saddened.
I actually came across this article which spoke about vegetarianism. I got so involved that I did a bit more of research and that was enough for me to give up my 19 year old love for chicken. So, no chicken anymore, it’s only ghaas-poos for me now. Aiyoo, this is going to be tough :(

P.S: Listen to Zombie by The Cranberries, people. Superrr song.
'Whats in your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie'


Oxymoron said... you are vegetarian...welcome to the club...the road ahead is going to be tough..but you will be blessed with a healthy body a healthy mind and a longer life...and in the process saving animal lives....cheers...

The Bald Guy said...

I like veggie people and respect their decisions. So there. You got support on blogger. Your very own second home, like Nil says.

Genelia is a cutie and the only thing she is good for is giggling, apparently. Have you not noticed she has nothing else in her? She's like a giggling widget on the bollywood blog.


I must be going crazy if I am comparing bollywood with a blog!


Do you people mind putting up the story like I did for Rocket Singh!
You write two lines and call it a review? Write the story so it'll be easier for bald fat old people like me not to go to the movies, because well, we simply don't have the time too. Talking about time, I have had the DVD of 3i sitting on my mantle for ages now and I still haven't even put it in the player!

Go figure!

Nipun said...

congos on becoming a veggie.
I have heard that song a thousand times. Its awesome.
For the movie:
The name itself is disappointing (robbed).
Won't watch it anyhow.
Nice work once again..:)



p.s. BTW Whats in your head??

buckingfastard said...

sob sob!!! here lies my friend o my countrymen!!! vegetated!!!

i cant xpress my grief!! get me sum KFC!!

high five of zombie!!! wen i was in skool i was soo desperate to get my voice husky so dat i can sing dat song

Pesto Sauce said...

Even reviews of the film are so sure its an ordinary fare

Aparna said...

I like Shahid and it is sad that he signs these nonsense movies.
A vegetarian Bengali? Hmm, it is tough, specially when you come across the lovely food stalls in the Puja pandal selling kosha mangsho.

Pratik Gupta said...

Horrific Movie and memories of Chicken...your life must be haunted... :D

blunt edges said...

why? why?? why??? why would u turn veg? sigh! what's the world going to?

oRange* said...

@Oxymoron: i hope! :)

@Ramit: for someone who doesnt like writing reviews, this is as good as one. in short, the movie was bakwaas u dont need to go and watch it. what are you doing with the dvd of 3I lying around in your house, GO WATCH IT! dont sleep tonight, just watch it :P
thank you, i need all the support!

@Nipun: In my head ..a whole lot of questions ..dont get me started ;)

@buckingfastard: EXCUSE ME! no taking names like 'KFC' here when im trying so hard to stick to my decision!

@Pesto Sauce: it's shit.

@Aparna: i was never fond of kosha mangsho, so thats ok :D
but yes, its going to be tough!

@Pratik Gupta: you're so right! haha!

@blunt edges: alas! :(

Ria said...

Quite a tough decision...i know that coz i know for once that how difficult it is to not eat non-veg when u hav grown up having non-veg. Lets hope u can stand upto ur word!

Chocolate Lover said...

huh? you are bengali too??
well once a tried to turn a veggie but then I realised that I can't live without fish and chicken!!


nil said...

Somehow,I liked this post tons.
I did :) I'm weird, agreed honey, but I liked it =}
You're a vegiee :) Hmm,new fact I learnt about you.

Anyway, I LOVE the song Zombie. My parents are sick of me humming to it, been doing that ever since i read your post ;)


Ashley said...

Veggie haa?? Welcome to the club. :)
Besh korecho baba...Maach bhaat aar mangsho kheye kichu hobe na... :)


wow.....good luck with that......i dunno if il ever be able to give up chicken....but good initiative :)

Anonymous said...

What!!! a hardcore Bengali giving up chicken!! Its too much for me to take... Being a Bengali myself, I am always on the lookout for chicken dishes...
A week without chicken is too much for me to bear.

But do tell me if you survived a WEEK without chicken?

oRange* said...

@Ria: yeah, lets hope :)

@Choco: u too? happens! i feel i might just feel that in a few days :S

@nil: u liked THIS post? haha, you're cute! sexy song noh! i love it.

@Ashley: tumio bangali :O
haha! na na, try toh korte hobe :D

@Little on the edge: hehe!

@dattaabhishek: i will i will ;)

Rishi said...

chance be dance.. well said.. shud have gone for sherlock holmes instead

going veggie... nice.. there is a lot of good food in this section too provided u find em (and eat em too)

as for Zombie.. good luck gettin it out of ur head...

nil said...

Yeah,weird but I liked this post.
I like your style of writing man...Its very original :)
You don't copy people, I salute that!

And yeaa! Sexy song yaa!

The Juggernaut said...

i had my zombie phase too... [:D]

love the song...

and coming to dance pe chance or comments...its a waste of my time

oRange* said...

@Rishi: nah, Zombie does not want to get out of my head :P

@nil: oyee! so sweeet :)

@The Juggernaut: imagine what a waste of time watching the movie was :O

Disguise said...

You're turning into a vegetarian?! WHY? What the hell? You're a bengali!
But * Salute* :)

Hi :)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥