Wednesday, April 6, 2011

K3G. Yes, *that* K3G.

I’m watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham right now.Yes, judge me. I can hear you already -_-

I don’t care. K3G makes me happy and brings back some memories I rather not talk about.

The amount of times “Aaa ..aa ..aa. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham, na juda honge hum, kabhi khushi ..kabhi ghammm” comes is uncountable! And everyone’s just crying all the time and Kareena is so annoying and AB can’t get grumpier than this! But I still love watching such stupid brainless KJo drama shamas sometimes.

When I was tiny, I would dream of getting married and living in a joint family. Mamas, chachas, Dada-dadi, Nana-nani, Buas, Mausi, Mausa and a few kids here and there and four-five maids under one roof. Now, when I think about it, I shudder. Nothankyou :|

The husbaaand and I should be fine and then maybe we’ll adopt here and there.

Now, I must go back to my movie. SRK awaits.
I really think they should make a sequel. What say people? :D

P.S: I’ve started throwing things at people when I get mad at them. Am I becoming crazy? Is this my violent streak?

I need some coolsummerinternshipthingwhichisfunandwhichalsopaysme. Yeah, something like that. You hear me!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥