Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping in touch and all that.

“You just can't keep in touch na!”
Has it ever struck you WHY I don’t? Maybe, I don’t wish to. No ya, I do” *WTF*

I’m not really known for keeping in touch with old friends. Like from a group of 10, I keep in touch with only a few. Those who I choose to keep in touch with basically. It’s been 6 long years since I left the place I stayed in for 10 years. Honestly, I don't like talking to any of them. It's like I don't wish to keep in contact with all those I knew before 2004. Gee. That's sad.

The reason why I feel that way is because I’ve changed so drastically in these 6 years that I feel being around those people doesn’t let me be who I am now. This might be a silly mind block but when I’m around those friends, I find myself to be really restricted and so unlike what I generally am. They somehow remind me of how stupid I was back then and I don’t like that.

So, is it wrong to avoid meeting them every year? Is it wrong to not reply to all their messages? Is it wrong to not go for those reunions? Is it wrong to act like they don’t exist? Blah. I think it is but why should I bother being with people who pull me back to the past. The past I rather forget. No one to blame but whatever.

I think it’s more like when people close to you step out of your life ..they in a way were inhibiting your growth in some way or the other. That's why it is necessary to leave. Makes sense?

Btw, I started having chicken again. When I saw that chicken sandwich lying in front of me, with Mayonnaise oozing out, it was so deliciously mouth watering that I couldn’t resist!
I’m such a BUM.
Someone teach me self-control.
Tee-hee-hee. I need it.

Penelope Cruz is hot noh. If I were a guy, I would have had the *hots* for her -_-


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

its hard to maintain relations with people when you are not around them. I dont blame you.


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...


Hell yeah...i complete agree with the feeling, there is a reason why my past is not in my present...:D

Ria said...

Do ur thing gurl!!what suits u well. Abt the chicken thing i knew u cudnt be able to resist :P And lol on the penelope bit.

Oxymoron said...

even i fail to keep in touch with my old friends...some of them i really liked....but my reasons are completely different from yours...
we dont get to choose our parents, our siblings or our family members....i guess friends are the only people we can choose so if we no longer relate to our once upon a time friends there is nothing wrong with keeping them in our past...

Oxymoron said...

and yeah...Penelope Cruz is 'oh so HOT'..


HEY ! i feel the same.....yeah is it really wrong to not be nice and not meet or talk to them just becoz i dont wanna?....i mean what's the point...its all pretense.....and its too much me head aches

and congrats with the chicken thing....u were missing out on really good stuff ;)

nil said...

Hey babe
about the past question..I know what you mean. Till class 7th--we guys used to be THE group y'know?
And then..Things just screwed up, and today I don't want to get back to ANY of that.
And yea,that's cause I Choose to not.
But if they were nice people..I would have prolly been subtle to them you know? Like,not mix much at all, but yet give them a feeling they're not responsible for anything.
Just a thought,oRange :) I trust your decision,enough :)

And yay,
Chicken again =D
Hugs to you baby :)

Chanz said...

dont worry.. u aint doing anything wrong by not staying in touch with them.. Show them your middle finger and move on..

Chicken.. The only thing that I crave for (in any form)...

*Shreya* said...

i could just keep saying 'same here' as i read this post :)
even my excuses/reasons for not keeping in touch are the SAME. things have changed!! and i personally feel THEY havent changed at all unfortunately/fortunately. good/bad for them.

The Juggernaut said...

hmm even i hav lost touch wid all my old frnds...n the reasons r same..i have changed drastically and i am unsure if i can adjust with them anymore...frankly its not like i dont wanna keep in tuch wid dem...its jus sumthin dat's not in my priority list and i dun care

buckingfastard said...

penelope and chicken in a blog post and u still expect me to read da rest of da stuff!!!

man u hav lotsa self control!! maintain urself non veg and avoiding dose delicious brinjals and kaddus is tough!!! :D

dont talk to ppl u dont like!! dats wat adults do!!! lets be young!! lotsa time to kiss asses!!!

oRange* said...

@Raaji: right and people change!

@Sid: yes!

@Ria: you knew?
i thought i could pull it off :(

@Oxymoron: yap exactly

@Little on the edge: pretense is the word! haha, i did feel the same after having the sandwich :D

@nil: totally! even we were THE group but now i don't relate to them anymore. everyone's still sweet but i don't feel like mixing around with them much!

@Chanz: :P

@Shreya: hmm. they could have changed but maybe we aren't interested in knowing them further to see that. fair enough i think

@Juggernaut: seriously..

@buckingfastard: delicious brinjals and kaddus :|
i'm better off on this side :P

Lavender said...

Nha shouldn't force yourself at all.
Do what makes you happy.
And if it restricts you growth, then you should run for you life.

Disguise said...

I need someone to teach me self control too.
And Penelope Cruz is hot, but her accent just fucks everything up.
And that's why guys don't like her :P

sulagna said...

eyii no no i think her accent is super sexy...makes you watch her lips when she is talking ...most men would be slurping after reading this

and oh oh m back to blogging after a 1 week break

blunt edges said...

i guess its normal...even i have some old friends with whom i have lost touch...but once in a while if our paths do cross i realize that we can't be friends anymore coz we have changed a lot!

n about the chicken - yay! :D

n about penelope - droooool :D:D:D

oRange* said...

@Lavender: run for your life, yeah :P

@Disguise: she's so freaking hot, i don't think anyone gives a damn to her accent. yah, tell me where i could get 'self-control' classes, i'll join :D

@Sulagna: errm, i think the bisexual keeda just jagoed in me! lol!
yaay you're back!

@blunt edges: yesss!
chicken + penelope ..double yayy!

Sid said...

I believe this is a fundamental human trait that with time you change and you dont identify with ppl who formed a part of your past..coz ppl usually change for d better. From my own personal experience, I would still meet them and c whether they hv changed just like me and whether i can identify with them now. I find that to be an interesting analysis :)

Dhanya said...

You should do whatever makes you happy! And if ignoring them makes you happy, then go right ahead and ignore em :) I have had an embarrassing past too and I don't like getting in contact with the people I knew back then..

Chocolate Lover said...

hehehe! :D

Rishi said...

jst a small query... whats wrong with being stupid...

Being stupid helps me more than being sane...

oRange* said...

@Sid: no, people dont always change for the better.

@Dhanya: embarrassing past ..yeah! same :P

@Choco: :)

@Rishi: being stupid in the sense, being really silly and immature. now, to turn back and see that side of you's too embarrassing.

Ashley said...

People do grow apart..It is natural...It feels suffocating to be around people that we don't want anything to do with...I completely get you.

And non veggie again...Ki go?...eto tara taarii? Bhishun baje.. :P
Waise I agree...It is tempting..I get tempted too at times! :D

notgogol said...

"... Aiyoo, this is going to be tough :(..." ... Clearly, it was!

oRange* said...

@Ashley: jani, onik baje :(
ki kori, control hi nai honda :P

@notgogol: chirko chirko, jale pe aur namak chirko :P

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

:) I don't keep in touch much either. for exactly the same reason. But I couldn't pin it down until i read your post :D
sometimes when i look at some person i just dont want to see them ever again. ever. I just do my best to let it be so.

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥