Monday, September 28, 2009

Silly, silly me!

Have u guys ever experienced those what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking moments?! U know, where u look back on all those years and laugh at yourself for doing stuff u just cant believe u did!

Well, it’s happened to me SO many times!
I just feel like listing a few :P

· I was just cleaning my cupboard a few days back and I stumbled upon this old photo album. I came across some photographs of myself when I was like 12 or 13..and I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was this picture of me..wearing this weird dress which I can’t believe I wore! And that silly hairstyle! I mean, which world was I in! But I must say, my fashion sense has come a long way now ..haha! Im glad :)

· My list of crushes! Lol, when I think about them now I just can’t help laughing at myself. Seriously, WHAT was I thinking :O
One of them looks so gay now (that was mean but really!)

· And this people, is like the HUGEST what-the-fuck-was-i-thinking moment..the time when I told my friends that I was about to say a yes to R(who’s my ex now) and they were like “are u sure?” (considering how different my ex and i were. I mean we were on totally different wavelengths but well don’t get me started on that) and I was like (with FULL conviction) “ya baba, ill break up by next month. next month, 17th ..done! ill just say yes now”
How smart I thought I was! Balls! Forget breaking up on the 17th took me almost a full fucking year to get over him after we actually broke up! I was so MAD! So idiotic to even think I was that brave :S

Aah, such bizarre things happen and all I can do now is LAUGH my stupidity :D

Silly me, oh so silly i was :P

Friday, September 25, 2009

From plans to no plans ..

I have plans. Great plans for my life. My greatest fear is that things won’t turn out the way I want them to. That scares the shit out of me at times.

But when I think about it calmly, I realize that till date not everything has shaped up the way I thought it would..And guess what..Im still alive and kickin’ :)

Yes, there are moments. The ‘not-so-happy’ moments ..Times when u feel really helpless and disappointed, when u don’t know where ur life’s heading and u don’t see the point of continuing this ‘struggle’ anymore! Such tiring times come and whether u let them remain and rust is a choice u make.

Sometimes, I feel like just going with the flow. Like letting yourself totally loose and just taking what life gives u. Im getting the hang of it slowly and I must say its fun. Really exciting. U feel like ur whole life’s one big adventure! Take risks, live every moment to the fullest! Speaking about risks, I just remembered a part of this conversation I had with a friend.
We were talking about something (I cant really remember what) and she said “how can u experiment with your life! Cmon, its just one life u’ve got!” and I was like “Doooode! That’s the point!”
And she went :S
[Okay, both of us are on totally different wavelengths :D]

yup! So im on my way to enjoy this beautiful journey :)
and I just want to be haaaappy

*does a dance while singing .."Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy"*

haha! ciao

P.S: btw "Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy" is this really crappy song wherein this silly little cartoon tries to teach us how to be happy or some shit like that ..i forgot o_O

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just 5 more minutes! Pleaaaaseee!

This is how all my mornings begin:

4:55 a.m
hmm, I have 5 more minutes. Snooze

5:00 a.m
I can sleep for 10 more minutes. I wont be late. Snooze

5:15 a.m
I wont shampoo my hair today. Its not even oily. Snooze

5:30 a.m
arey yaar! I'll take the rick instead of the bus. Snooze

5:45 a.m
WTF. When did it become 5:45! How am I gonna get ready in 20 minutes :O

*switches of the alarm and runs for the loo*

..and my whole day goes this way..running!


I suffer from a problem. I can’t wake up in the morning. It JUST doesn’t happen. U wake me up at 6, its too early..u wake me up at 8, its too early ..and even if u wake me up at 11, its STILL too early!

My mornings start with me battling with my alarm clock and my phone and my mind which keeps wanting to sleep more and more! My mum, my poor poor mum loses an extra hour of her sleep to wake me up! I feel so meaaan :(

But trust me I’ve tried everything! I’ve tried putting all kinds of weird songs as my alarm tone but gradually my ears got adapted to every fucking song! Then I tried putting an ugly alarm clock(with an uglier tone) on top of the cupboard but ..i didn’t end up hearing it :S
There have been times when I’ve asked my friends to give me wake-up calls and talk for a few minutes so that im all UP ..but even that didn’t work! I slept through all their calls :((

Gimme solutions people! It gives me the creeps to think about the time when I’ll have office and ill be staying alone..what am I going to do! Who’s going to wake me up :O
Ill be fired on the first day itself! Sheeeeeeeet!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

oh sheeeeeet! :P

Okay! I have a blog name and I haven’t given out my real yet.
The reason being that im more comfortable this way and if I feel the need to reveal my identity someday here, I will :)
So just when I thought I was doing a good job and that none of my friends who blog or read blogs came across mine ..this happened..

Lets name this friend of mine M and below is a part of our conversation about 'Pebbles'..

M: oh btw! Do u like have a blog? U didn’t even give me the link!

Me: me? Blog? No ways! I told u earlier that im too lazy to start one

M: seriously? I came across this blog and this girl sounded so much like u! ditto

Me: really? Oh okay! So did u play pool today? (
topic change! Topic change!)

M: no not today. Got bored.

Me: aah, 2 days and u get bored!

M: check it out! Just check it out

Me: (guhreat! He’s giving me the link to my OWN blog) oh ya ok ..later

M: NOW! Cmon, I gtg in 5 mins! Just read her posts

(*argh*) arey yaar! Okay

[I don’t reply for 10 minutes. Pretending to read this ‘girl’s’ blog]

M: done? The bobby deol thing, Ben Affleck, the SRK thing, those quotes u forced me to read and her excited views on marriage! Total U!

Me: so?

M: she writes just the way u do. Weird. I thought it was u by the end of it. Okay, I gtg. Cya later

Haha, he knows me really well I must say :D

So, M if u’r reading this..Yeah, oRange* is indeed ..ME :)
Ya ya, call me when u’r done reading this
And I even know the trail of questions that will follow :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Expecting- my favourite hobby!

Now tell me, if u’r close to someone how the fuck do u NOT get attached? I mean, seriously! Isn’t that human nature or am I the only idiot who seems to get attached to every passer by (ok not any passer by, but yeah u get me right?)!

U get attached and then u have a bundle of expectations from that person and when that person doesn’t act accordingly..*booom*! There goes ur mood..ur entire day(sometimes week) is destroyed! And what’s frustrating is that I very conveniently allow someone to do that!

Im trying to not expect but HELL, its difficult! Its shit difficult. It drives me nuts. I hate expecting. I hate it but I can’t help it!
Im in the process but why is it taking ages!

Moreover, what’s worse is when the person u’r 'expecting' things from is a complete opposite. Like completely. He does not even know what expectations mean ..THAT different! U feel like a complete dumbass then! Now, if he does not get attached to anyone (I don’t know how, but whatever..) that’s not my problem!

So, is that the way to go about it? Not get attached to anyone in the first place? But isn’t that sad? Or is that the key to be freed from such mood spoilers?

If anyone knows how to handle this, please enlighten me! Im highly pissed.
At myself
At him
At everybody!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥