Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Put your own title. I'm too bored.

One second, I’m all so excited about the future and the next second, I’m petrified. Well, this is the petrified phase going on now and oh.my.god, I’m so scared I could pee in my pants.

Everyone has such grand plans. And what am I doing? I’m living someone else’s plan. Nooo. I don’t want to. I want my own sweet plan. The plan I could think about every night and work towards making it work.

Why can’t I just be walking on the street when some beeeg director could spot me and cast me opposite Ranbir Kapoor in some movie? Of course, makeovers and all will happen also :P
And the money..and Ranbir! :O

But no!
Only anorexic females who hardly know how to speak properly like Kangna Ranaut are allowed this.
Uff. Can you feel the tension?

You up there ..must be laughing there with a bucket of popcorn in your hand.
Your daily source of entertainment, aren’t I?

P.S: I really like Kangna btw. But this mood is such. It makes me write mean things about people.
And no, I certainly don’t want to become an actress. It was never a part of any of my plans (okay once when I was small but I grew over it pretty soon)
It's just Ranbir, you know :(

And tell me! Who invented the word ‘re’?
Highly annoying. Makes me want to scream.
Yes re, No re, Why re, What re, Come re, Eat re, Nothing re.


I am illiterate when it comes to football and this is the toughest time of the year, for people like me.
I hate it when all people can talk about now is ..FOOTBALL and I have nothing to offer! Except for of course ..

When does this bloody thing come to an end?
How do people WATCH sports? Don’t they get bored?

Too much randomness in one post. Not good.
And then tomorrow, I’ll suffer from a writer’s block.

Bye bye bye!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look, Look inside your tiny mind ..

Stop. Think.
Do you know yourself?
Do you know why you follow/believe certain things?
Do you have any preconceived notions? If yes, then on what basis?
Now, just be honest.

If you dont know, then I’m sorry you’re being plain stupid. Because you obviously live in the stone age and don’t find it necessary to question yourself from time to time.

How do people live like that, I wonder? One thing’s for sure, it’s damn easy to live that way. But easy or not easy is not the question. It’s whether one is satisfied living such a life.

People are like that because they get too comfortable living a certain way. Everything’s fixed in their life ..The stubborn and inflexible people they are. But guess what, reality check: isn’t it time, to come out of your comfort 'La-La Land' zone and focus on growing as a person?

I’ve met way too many people like this. When you ask them why they’re behaving in a certain manner..the best they can come up with is “That’s just the way I am” (Oh, how convincing!) or they’ll try and justify themselves with explanations which don’t include anything concrete.

I have no issues when people choose to live however they want to and even when I question them ..I don’t mean to impose my thoughts on them. I’m just this curious bunny who’s just asking a simple question – WHY? WHY? WHY?

You come up with something good, I’ll leave you.
I promise :P


Okay I read the whole thing and it makes me look like some stuck-up, conceited bitch who thinks herself to be oh-so-perfect! No, I don’t think myself to be even close to perfect but I surely don’t fall in the above category because I am always open to questions and I know if there’s something worth changing in me, I will give it a serious thought. It’s not such a humongous task, really.

In random news: I gave myself fringes and felt all creative today.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I hate New. I miss Old :'(

Getting used to people is sick. Getting used to anything is sick.
And that happens to be my hobby by the way.
Just when I get so comfortable in my own small little bubble, someone comes and bursts it and *pop* it goes!

There is a thin line between getting used to someone and genuinely *liking* the person. And as of now, I seem to have lost that line. So, I'm trying to figure things out but fuck, I don't know what I want!
Do you know HOW much that sucks?
So much shit happens in my head?
No, you don't. No one does.
So, the best you can do is stop lecturing me.

I was watching some kids playing in the rain today.
And then I tried to remember the last time I played in the rain like that.
I realised, from the time I’ve turned into this obsessed-with-my-hair maniac, forget playing..I haven’t even walked properly in the rain minus any worries!


It’s raining and to hell with everything else! I’m going to go there and break into a dance!

I love twirling umbrellas btw.
I also do stunts. Umbrella stunts.
And then the umbrella gets all weird and refuses to protect me from the rain.
Okay bye.

103 is starting to prick me now haa!
I know this is cheap promotion but it is all about loving your blog, riiiight? ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I want to turn into this cold, indifferent ..uncaring creature.
Like you know, have this protective bubble around you types.

If not that ..

Then maybe, turning into a complete alcoholic will also do.
So that I can cry, shout, howl, whine ..whenever, wherever.
Like some ignorant fool.

If not that ..

Then let me just sleep through this phase
And act like I’m going die tomorrow.

Why this fuss?

I hate feeling helpless.

I can’t control. I can’t change.
Because the strings are not in my hands. They never were.
And I’m tired of waiting for something to happen/change
So what am I expected to do?

..and then when you press shuffle on your iPod and when
‘Work it, make it, do it, makes us
Harder, better, faster, stronger ..’ starts off randomly ..
You know someone up there wants you to cheer up too.
All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥