Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gal mitthi mitthi bol

‘Aa soni tennu chand ki main churi pehnaoon
tu kar de ishara te mein doli lay aaon’

I shall make sure this song is played at my wedding.
Over and over again :)
And also the dulha, he should be as delicious as Abhay Deol
Ah, what lovely dreams.
Too much day-dreaming is happening these days. Smiling to myself and all that. And I’m not even in love :O
Aunties in the train think I’ve gone mad with all the smiling I do, haha.

Love is doooooor ki baat, not even ONE eye candy around. Hurts okay :(
In an all girls college, when you’re bored of listening to the teacher go on about preferential shares and equity shares, all you want to do is look around and catch some *good* eye candy to stare at but no, when you look around ..all you get to see is twenty more girls who just like you are wishing they were somewhere else!

You know, I don’t feel like writing here anymore. My blog and I need a break from each other. We’ve had too much fun together and now we need some time off. I’m leaving just to return and to have the heart to I used to :)

For all you know, I’ll be back tomorrow itself. So ya :P
But as of now, all I know is that it’s not the same anymore.

See you, poochampoos!
All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥