Thursday, December 31, 2009

This and that and there ..

Just a bunch of disconnected thoughts ..

It’s the be sexually frustrated. Yes, don’t hide your faces..I know you, you and yes you.. are sexually frustrated as well :P
Huahaha! I’m telling you, it is indeed the ‘sexually frustrated’ season!
Currently, I know of 3 people who are sexually frustrated and 1 who is trying his BEST to control. Goodness! The human body is a funny lil’ thing haa. Soon, we’ll need counsellors coz any kind of frustration my child, makes you do crazy crazy things ;)

A likes B. B likes A. C likes A. A doesn’t like-like C. B starts acting weird. A gets all worked up. In the mess, A gets too detached from B and realises she has started liking C. She turns to C just to see C behind someone else. Now, A runs behind C forgetting B. WTF! DOES A HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO IN LIFE?!!
Contrary to your expectations, this for a change is NOT my story :P

I have a friend who’s 18 already but he just refuses to GROW UP. Do guys take an unusually long period of time to grow up? I wonder ..
And he’s not the ranbir-in-wake-up-sid-wala-cute-kid kid okay, he’s the really annoying-kid kid -_-
I'm just trying to not be mean but unfortunately ..its not working out!

I want to try out past life regression too and no, not with Ravi Kishen hovering around my head!

All through 2009, I remember loving it but now I can just see myself wanting to get over with it asap! Go 2009, Go ..thy job is done! But, you've been an awesome year ;)

I’m dying of joblessness! Can’t wait for college to begin.

Ugh. I’m beginning to forget someone’s face. Good sign? Bad sign? I don’t know. Whatever it is, I don’t like the feeling :(

Okay, this post is really weird but I’m just posting it.
Oh and btw,
A very happy new year to all of you out there! May you have a rocking 2010 :)


Chocolate Lover said...

You have been awarded :)

Raj said...

:) happy new year

yeah abc are weird. and it never ends.

Urvashi said...

Do guys take an unusually long period of time to grow up? I wonder..

I wonder the same ... . :)

Happy new yr to u :)

nil said...

Happy New years to you! :)
Love and hugzzzzz!

Sorcerer said...

Happy New Year!!!

have a fantastic New year

Yemiledu said...

HAppy new year!!
:~)The post was good! Sometimes disconnected things do have a connection ;~)

Ramit said...

Happy Nu Year! oRange!

Guys don't take too much time to grow up! Never!

They just pretend to be stupid to get you to do all the hard work!

Have a great year oRange! All the best!

Ramit said...

In case sexually frustrated means me, tell me and I'll hide under the desk!

Ramit said...

Your ABC starts with C as a guy and ends with C as a girl!

Trouble in gender land?

*Shreya* said...

@ ^ LOL

@oRange* awwwww i am frustrated. AND starved. but certainly NOT sexually. pretty sure :P

And, why dont i have interesting friends like A B C yaaaa :'(

oRange* said...

@Choco: awwh! mwah

@Raj: super weird.

@Urvashi: all girls do but Ramit has something else to say :P
same to you!

@nil: same to youuu! mwah

@Sorcerer: same to you!

@Yemiledu: yes, the connection is that they are all originating from MY head :D

@Ramit: in that case, they are just being really stupid.
yes, YOU are one of them :P
go hide go!!
wow! what a twist you bring to my louve-trio!

@Shreya: are you sureee? ahan? ;)

Ria said...

lol!!thats weird for sure...never been thru that phase thankfully!!things were more or less sorted for me. :)

Wish u a gr8 2010!!

buckingfastard said...

miss A, B was idiot gud u left him...C is a idiot too!!

btw...if a person is jst 18 why u want him to grow up...i m approachin 20 and i m no where near growing up...

also yea guys never grow up...xcpet abishek bachhan and all above 6 feeter!!

luk i m sexually frustrated fr 7 yrs now...and i turned out to be jst fine :D


hi there.......nice blog uve got whoever u are :P...

The Crystal Heart said...

Happy New Year doll...Eat orange..drink orange juice for good health lolz..

Disguise said...

Happy new year love!
And I'll admit it, I am sexually frustrated.

nil said...

oRaaaaanggeeeee*! You've been tagged on my blog!
Go read (;


blunt edges said...

lol...u sure know how to make a post super-funny without writing anything funny! :D

n after one whole year of being single, i guess sexual frustration has become my shadow ;)

oRange* said...

@Ria: hehe, good for u :)
wish u the same!

@buckingfastard: A is the biggest idiot. u turned out to be just fine matlab? :P

@little on the edge: thanks :)

@The Crystal Heart: thanks, i will

@Disguise: im GLAD someone accepted it :D
i was feeling like an idiot.
same to youu!

@nil: i read!!
and *sniff* it was super sweet!

@blunt edges: i'll take that as a compliment :D
shadow! ROTFLMAO
that frustrated huh!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥