Thursday, December 10, 2009

R and her boyfriend.

WARNING: Horribly random. Like cant get random-er! Don’t blame me for wasting your precious 60 seconds after you’re done :P

Okay, so my friend R and I were sitting on the marble stairs having coffee ..

“U know, my boyfriend’s coming to pick me up today”
“Aah, nice! What does he do?”
“he works! He’s really sweet haa! He looks better than me but whatever..ill introduce u guys ..let him come”
“*so not interested* oh okay! Cool cool”
“He has brown eyes! I love them! He looks really good. People told him to try modelling but I was like arey u have such a good job..don’t leave it for modelling c’mon! Right na?”
“yes ofcourse”
“U know how we first met? Oh god it was so filmy u know! We were fighting like crazy and then next day he only came and spoke to me and that’s how we got talking and phir he asked me out after a few days and I was like chalo, lets give It a try and I’m glad because he’s so sweet!”
Even films don’t show those things these days. Awh, sweet! I think we have to come on Monday too for the meeting. I don’t think ill come. Serious waste of time”
“Yes we do. Ill come and ill ask him to come pick me up too! Advantage of having a boyfriend ..hahaha”
Does your bf have no other work? Hahaha, ya do that!”

Her phone rings. It’s her boyfriend
“Where are you? Haa so come fast! Got a cab? It’ll take 10 mins from the station! Hmm, ok! Shut up. Don’t act smart haa! Hahahaha! Okay fine ..come and then we’ll see! Call me when u get a cab okay! If u don’t get it ..ill come. Bye”

back to me
“He keeps doing masti! Let’s go and stand near the gate. He should be coming!”
“No u go. I’ll have to wait for N here. You carry on! Have fun ..I’ll meet him some other time ya!”
“Oh okay! Ya, ill tell him to come everyday now! Kuch toh kaam aaye ..haha”
“Haha! Ya ya! Bye”

And I sat there waiting for N who turned up after 20 minutes!

“Where the fuck were you?!”
“Don’t ask! I met R while entering and then we got talking and her boyfriend came and she got us introduced and stuff! I need coffeeee!!”

..and I died laughing!

Girls I tell you :P
I study in an all girls college and sometimes it gets to me. There are some girls who are just so excited about having a boyfriend. They can start yapping about their boyfraaands to anyone they meet! It’s really amusing to hear because they are just so jumpy about the whole thing! All you have to do is sit and stare and nod and smile ofcourse!

P.S: I watched P.S. I love you and wept for the zillionth time.
As I’m writing this, I realise how I totally exploit the usage of post-scripts! Lol, I just can’t do without them! :P
I have to add atleast one P.S at the end of every post!


PNA said...

Between I have brown eyes too, and I know about girls in girls only colleges as if they haven't met a boy ever in their lives!! eeeks..

Beware! run away!


PaPiLLon said...

gawddd!!....that must have been nightmarish!!
seriously! away!!

P.S.- i like ur post scripts as well as ur random posts!

The Crystal Heart said...

lol :-)

P.S : {:~€)

Chanz said...

hehehe...girls can sometimes be a pain in the ass.. its better to be surrounded by guys.. (wink)

*Shreya* said...

tell me about THAT!

PS: READ ps i love you, you'll hate the movie!!!!!

Ria said...

i need to see P.S I Love You now!! Anyways, he he all tht girly talk can get on to me too!!thank god i was never in a all girls school/college. :P

Yemiledu said...

Enjoyed reading this!
Though irritating it's so fun to keep pretending you are interested.

I do that a lot many times ...Fake a smile and make someones day.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

**i need coffee!!!!
and yeah, ive seen many of them too!! theres no way to escape! :(

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Awesome post! Your randomness refreshed me!

Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
Thanks a lot!

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol ..I always think girls of such breed ( always-wanting-to-talk-bout-bf ) do not actually have a bf :P They just feel they can create an air bout them by blabbering this claptrap.
You can always have fun on the expense of their nonsense :D

I need to read and watch P.S.I love you!

agent green glass said...

oh. super post. i was grinning through it all. yeah, some girls really can really be the excitable kinds.

oRange* said...


@Papillon: hehe, yeah! thanks!

@The Crystal Heart: :)

@Chanz: true ;)

@Shreya: i have! i cried both the times! im just an emotional fool :P

@Ria: yes, u must!

@Yemiledu: rightly said! no harm in doing so ..

@Harini: lol, sadly!

@Saurabh: omg, thanks :)

@Sugar Cube: yes, thats the good part! :P

@agent green glass: lol thanks!

Lavender said...

boyfraaaand lol
believe me i'm in a co-ed college. it doesn't stop girls from acting like that :P

Disguise said...

You have NOT been visiting my blog.
Not done!

buckingfastard said...

aww...ppl in love...dey dunt even care how funny they act...

i never got da point how beautiful boyfrnds become surprisingly ugly wen dey r ex-boyfrnds!!!

AND wats wid gals and PS I love u...giv it a break...

my someone calld me up in middle of night...i was like baffled...she was like...crying and "hey i just saw PS I love you and please promise me u will never die"

I scared and confused...."huh!! WTF why will i die re!!!OMG"

Urvashi said...

cute one Orange... :)

yeah girls actually sometime go on n on n on abt their boyfrnds...... i too hv bee non the receiving end amny a times :P

Its cute that u can write such random incidents from life in ur blog...I really cant think of them but when i read i feel wow..this even happens wid me....

Keep writing :)

oRange* said...

@Lavender: lol, no but in a girls college ..u get an overdose of them :|

@Disguise: mwah!

@buckingfastard: LMFAO @ your friend! and hello, u MUST watch that movie! go watch it NOW! :D
read the book too.

@Urvashi: awhiee! thank you Urvashi!

COMMUNI said...

Nice blog! Its true, girls with BFs can be a little-too-show-off somtimes. I can't stand 'em.

oRange* said...

no no, not ALL girls with bfs are that way ;)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥