Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me. Award. Yay!

My *first* blogging award, yayy :)

Thank you buckingfastard!
So, here goes ..7 things about myself that nobody knows ..

1. I’m obsessed with the mirror. I can sit in front of it for ages and make faces at myself.

2. Spontaneity excites me. I love being that way and being around such people. I hate it when people take ages to decide something. I feel like shaking them up and screaming, right into their ears!

3. I have always been scared of MJ. When I was tiny, many of my nightmares included him. May his soul rest in peace.

4. I love creating nicknames for people. Like some really embarrassing, weird ones and calling them out in public! Huahaha :D

5. I forget faces very quickly. Pictures don’t help because seeing a picture and remembering how someone looks isn’t the same. There are times when I miss someone a lot but when I try to remember his/her face, it just doesn’t happen. That sucks.

6. I’m loving French! I can go and settle down in Paris now. And anyway, francias garcon sont sexaayy ;) [I think I screwed that up :/]

7. Blogging made me realise that I don’t write thaaaat bad.
I’m loving it and finding so many like-minded people here is just wonderful!

The next step is to pass it over to 7 other people.
So, I think I’ll pass it over to everyone on my Blogroll because they are ALL such amazing writers and I enjoy reading their posts :)

1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody know.
2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.


Disguise said...

Congratulations on the award!
And OMG. 1, 2, 4 , you and I have the same habits!

*Shreya* said...

beginning to hate you can someone EVER like french????? =[


SiD said...

great going...;)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Nice tag :)
and yeah im obsessed with the mirror too
and the mj fear is so cute!!

Ria said...

congrats!!and well done. :)

The Crystal Heart said...


PaPiLLon said...

lolzz!! the mj thing was hilarious!!
n the second one is soo true!! i hate it when ppl do tht!! its sooo boring to live like that!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

I tried loving french, but things din work out!

and point 7 goes for me too!

Kaya said...

I am sad. :( I am sad that you are not visiting my blog,commenting or following it. :( you said you will! I have not even named it Provoked. :(

Anyway, congrats sweety!

Robin said...

Aww First blogger award means a lot ..I can say that even I felt the same and was excited for the first time when I got it from one of my blogger buddy ..Interesting facts about you..Nice to know you :)

~ Robie Salis~

buckingfastard said...

u earned it dear!!! (** i think dats wat i supposed to say wen sumone thnk
s me fr givin award o_0 :D )

arre i also hav a frnd, a guy, obsessed wid mirrors...while
goin to college we hav to like tak him thru a road where dere is no mirror wala shops nd all....

same pinch..i also luv french fries nd french women...nd french movies...jst missd out on da language :P

oRange* said...

@Disguise: weee! *high five*

@Shreya: i loveeeee :D

@Sid: thanks!

@Harini: hehe! i've had him running behind me. really :P

@Ria: thankee

@Crystal Heart: :)

@Papillon: exactly! get a life peopleee!!

@Saurabh: ya? cheers to that!

@Kaya: MEEERRAAA!! dont give me that! i didnt even know u started a blog! im sad :(
i even sent u a mail. check gmail NOW!

@Robin: thank you robin! keep visiting :)

@buckingfastard: u'r funny! the language is the best part! yes, i like french men too ;)

Rishi said...

so does that mean.. i get my 2nd award... :D

PS: ur half cup crazy and one cup even more crazy... in a normal way

Kaya said...

DONKEYYY you revealed my name!!!! UGH!!

Chanz said...

U gotta share some of those nicknames with me. I really wish to be a devil like you.. :P

oRange* said...

@Rishi: yes u do! that PS of yours was so random but thank you. i like being crazy :P

@Kaya: OOPS :P

@Chanz: Lol, sure! i'll make one for you too :D

stefy said...

Congrats!!!!!... You were scared of MJ!!! haha

sulagna said...

congratulations on the first time here..and yes i am coming back..

point 1 hehehe i so understand what you mean..explains how my cellphone image gallery has only my pictures...

oRange* said...

@stefy: yes! petrified.

@sulagna: awh, thank you :)
lol, ditto.

The Idiot Blogs said...

1) The mirror is obsessed with me. I sit in front of it and it makes retching faces at me... If a mirror could puke.. it would

2) I am awesomely spontaneous... I cant help is see... I cant think... Doh

3) I look like MJ... will you go out with me.. pleej

4) Ah! You should go out with me... I am inspirational.. my face... you can keep all the names you want...

5) I forget everything quickly.... Now why am I typing out this list??? Doh

6) Oh the French... but dont the all smell of cheese

7) Blogging is helping me too.. I realise that I am truly an idiot

Ok.. rubbish typed out.. that aside... you write really well mate... keep writing...

Akshay said...

Well-deserved, of course :)

chocolate lover said...

congratulations for the award!! :))

oRange* said...

@The Idiot Blogs: lol, that was funny :P
thank you!

@Akshay: thanks!

@chocolate lover: thankeee :D

Lavender said...

Sounds like a plan :) I'm going to do it!

oRange* said...

plan? really? :P

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥