Friday, December 4, 2009


Tired, angry, helpless, let down, irritated, clueless. That’s me today.
You feel like shit when people think you to be something you just aren’t and never intended to be. It’s damn annoying because all you want to do is scream from the roof-tops but even that doesn’t seem to help much. Why do I care so much? I am that way. It does affect me, especially when a not-so-pleasant tag has been stuck to you for quite a long time. The Ms. Arrogant tag.

When I heard this for the first time, I was like WHAAT ..but im not that way and blah blah blah! Now, I’m getting used to it. Not that I’m proud of it but in a way I have no choice. Many people have told me that I just LOOK arrogant but after knowing me they know I’m nowhere close to being so. But that’s not good right? I have no intentions of coming across as an arrogant person. I don’t even know from where it started. I tried to dig up so many reasons..maybe I don’t smile 'enough' or maybe I don’t 'seem' that interested in meeting new people and so on ..
I’m still left with no answer. And when I don’t know the reason, I can’t see from where I can start making the changes.

How much can I say that I don’t care? At the end of the day, I do care because that’s not what I am ..I AM NOT ARROGANT ..yes, I’m shouting now! Is it right to make your baseless judgements without even making an effort to know the person? Its sick. I’m exhausted and I feel like I’ve failed miserably.

Whatever it is, I know there are many who’ll stand up for me and who know how I am. For the others, I’ll just give myself a few more chances and change the way I ‘make’ myself appear. Yes, I’m making efforts because I want to do away with the fucking tag. It bloody well bothers me.
If things still don’t change, balls to them. I’m done.

Go die, you judgemental assholes. Fuck you.

‘I want to live in a world where people don’t judge you with what they’ve heard, they actually take the efforts to know you’


The Crystal Heart said...

Who Un educated Person Told U Arrogant ?

I Know U Love Urself...Because you know ur beautiful creation of God.....And God Also Proud On You...

I still canot believe Dis thing...waise why u cared for dis worthless words...

That really good if u think abt urself....because ur independent girl..You take care urself ...You hve ur own idea & talent...You Can Make Ur Own Destiny Without any one help...You hve women power...n you can fight for ur right...this is not Arrogant......Getting Doll...

Firstly I Know You Are Not Arrogant...
Secondly You Also Said You Are Not Arrogant ...
Thirdly Rest Of World Know You Are Not Arrogant

Final Conclusion : You Are Not Arrogant ...That It...Cheers..Take Care God Bless You Cya.

Meera said...

I don't know where you are *really* arrogant or not, but I am!

That tag has been on me since....errr.... Class 3,I guess! :P

And now I have done half of my college! So that's LONG and I am doing fine :)

Well but I have learnt now when to use the arrogance and when to not but still the tag is there,I guess even I got attached to it in these years! lol!

Nothing to worry babe.As u said, fuck! :D

I can so relate to your posts and I just seem to love all of them! Are you in FB? Could we connect there or have a chat somewhere else?

Trust me,I am a good gal! :P Would love to be friends. :)

Meera said...

eeks! first line typos! It's *whether and not "where" :D

Ashley said...

"I want to live in a world where people don’t judge you with what they’ve heard, they actually take the efforts to know you"

But they do judge, don't they? And then they make the extra effort of telling you the result of their judgments.
Reminds me of a cliche..."If you have nothing nice to say..don't say it at all"

But hey..I have received more than my fair share of tags..Unlike yours they were never the same...It seems like each person comes along to give a new tag...Some of em irk-a lot...But eventually you know who you are..right? So why bother...
Chill gal and Smile! :)

agent green glass said...

don't worry about it orange. the world is filled with idiots. and the more they get under your skin, the stronger they get.

i came to the conclusion long back, that anyone who says bad things about me, is jealous of me. and i shd just pity that person.

so yeah, pity them. grin at their pathetic attempts to bring u down to their level.

Chanz said...

come on girl.. U cant be thinking about that.. 2 years back I came to know that people think I am a snob. The first impression is like. And I go like, what the fuck. I am nowhere near being a snob.. And you know what I did. Those who found me to be a snob, i proved to them that I really am a snob. That too of the highest order. As if I care about what these people think about me. Relax. And live life the way you want to live..

- Sugar Cube - said...

"Is it right to make your baseless judgements without even making an effort to know the person?"

No its certainly not right.But that's the way it is.And hence you sldn't bother if someone says that you 'look' arrogant.I'm sure once that person gets to know you well..they'll change their opinion.

It happens.I've met ppl I thought were arogant but turned out to be just awesome :-)

Such tags are annoying ..but you've gotta iggy it! Can't go on about explaining everyone what you are not!

oRange* said...

@The Crystal Heart: right :)

@Meera: hey, thats awesome! sure we can, drop in your id and i'll add you! and btw, why am i not able to see your blog :(

@Ashley: oh yes, they judge ..they always do! lol, join the league honey ;)
ya, u'r right!

@agent green glass: haha, exactly! u start feeling like a celeb after sometime :P

@Chanz: superrr! good job! go girl ;)

@Sugar Cube: hmm, there's a limit afterall. how much can one go around screaming!

Meera said...

Thanks. :)

I am here. :P

Lavender said...

Love this Blog Post :)
Three years is a long time
I just learned to accept myself very recently.
Say about a month back
I love the transformation.
Word of advice: Always have a high self esteem and don't let anybody make you feel like a loser.

Lavender said...

Oh wait I meant to write that comment for once upon a time :P

Ravan said...

U know what Babes, a few days ago someone, actually that someone is just someone for me, called me arrogant, called me Ravan,

even i had ur sentiments just like u...and den i decided to nail her down...recasted my name as Ravan everywhere she can see it... nailed her so big time, now she knows what arrogance is and what she has lost.

You can ping me on yahoo pinbox netime...:D

divinediu said...


Did you tear a page out of my diary?
I was ragged for being 'arrogant'. When I cried like a baby after that, they decided that I wasn't arrogant after all.

I say-WTF???!!

*Shreya* said...

why have all of reading this post been tagged as arrogant at some point of time!??!?! i have been called arrogant. purely on my looks :|

join the club? oh we'r arrogant. we wont let you. go get lost =P

Fuck the what. helps.

oRange* said...

@Meera: :)

@Lavender: thats lovely! good luck with the new 'you' :)

@Ravan: aah, thats the story behind 'ravan' huh :P
sure! :)

@divinediu: oh yes i did :D
awh, poor baby :(
really, what the FUCKING FUCK!!

@Shreya: yes, we can all form a group! weee :P
we should all meet up sometime and discuss such losers! lol

buckingfastard said...

u shout I M NOT convince people ur not arrogant!!

ur advice to ppl who think ur arrogant are "go die, u judgemental assholes. fuck u"


i havnt met u or dunno kno ur deepest of tru feelins...

so cant say if ur arrogant or not...maybe u r...maybe u are not...

but my question is...wats wrong wid being arrogant!! just try 2 be logically arrogant....u may save urself da pain of dose fake laughs!!!

Darshan Chande said...

I want to live in a world where people don’t judge you with what they’ve heard, they actually take the efforts to know you.

Orange, the thing is that no one these days has the time to know and understand other people. Everyone is busy securing one's own welfare.

If you don't think I am promoting my blog, my latest post somewhat connects to this emotion :)

PaPiLLon said...

i wont say dont giv a fuck to wht people u cant do that foreva..n seriously i find ppl really dumb at times u noe! but the fact remains that u fucking cant change no one!

i can imagine how it feels to have people thinking something about u that u r not!

if i dont smile i look a hardcore snob..guess god wanted to giv me this kinda face..but luckily for me i naturally keep smiling a lot!

but u can actually use this thing to ur advantage u noe..if u just figure out a way to not look arrogant..stuff like smiling and lukin at da person while talking helps!!

neway..hope dis gets sorted!! :)

P.S.- how about plsatic surgery!!;)

Dhanya said...

I understand. I am called 'arrogant' too at times but when they find out the real me they change their views. Just be comfortable with the way you are honey! True friends will realize ur worth and you can say fuck off to the rest of em :)

Chatterbox said...

I am totally with you on,"I want to live in a world where people don’t judge you with what they’ve heard, they actually take the efforts to know you."

But we live in this so painfully imperfect world with people who seem to be too busy to bother spending a few moments to find out the true story or our true self.

Let's not be bothered by people who don't care enough for us. For true friends and true love shall always have the time and care to discover the real you and will never base their opinions on whatever the world says.

Take care :)


Prude said...

Ah has happened to me so often! :) Prude came about much the same way. But hell if you can't beat them...join them! ;-)

BTW LOVE ur template too!

Ria said...

hmm...i know how much it irritates and hurts, i have lived with the same tag so far!! Ppl hav alwats said that i look arrogant, but i really dunno why and how does someone conclude such a thing by jus looking at a person!! Funny isnt it!?

oRange* said...

@buckingfastard: yes, i shout, i try and if it still doesnt work ..they can do DIE!
and that rhymed! wahahha :P

@Darshan: true and i dont think i will ever change.

@Papillon: hmm, thats what im trying to figure out. ya, hope so too. thanks :)
uumm, plastic surgery? thanks but no thanks :P

@Dhanya: u are called arrogant? dude u have such a sweet smile! screw them.

@Chatterbox: right! but sometimes it pricks but what matters is who's important and who's not!

@Prude: lol, nice one!
thanksss :)

@Ria: i can understand how people can assume stuff just by looking at the person but to stick to that and not be flexible enough to change it is whats sad!

Anonymous said...

hi...umm...actuli m not quite sure abt this...not bothr 3 try n undrstand dat...i thnk m jus gona end up buggn u 2 d core...niwe il jus tel u frst dat dis doz not relat 2 ur recnt update...its jus sm kinda help or sugestn dat m askn 4... a few days bak i was jus surfn n all on googl wen a came acros a few blogz...i read a few parts ...n frm den on i strtd visitng othrz...n ur d most recent 1...btw ur blogz cool...i jus felt an amazing feeling u kno lyk kinda mayb jus soo gud dat ppl in d world r soo marvellous u kno...der thotz r so unique(no flattery i mean dis 4 all doz dat i hav red n lovd)....1 f dem iz u....i think u might b thinkin wht my point f riting all dis iz....basically m jus soo new 2 dis 'thinkin' part....i lovd 2 jus dwell on d thousands f thots dat cam 2 my mind as i went on readn blogs f so many ppl...its lyk...2 shit wt all doz hu thnk dat youngstrz tday r u kno wtout values...n all dat....dey may not b having so much the zest 2 follw religionz n rite n stff bt hell... dey r no tell u m d kinda prsn hu dosnt vry much xprss stuff abt me or my lyf n all...mayb m jus waitng 4 sm1 hu wl undrstnd me den i think unless i dont opn up hw m i suposd 2 let dat prsn evn knw wht m thnkin let alon undrstand...ohk...i thnk m wavering way 2 muc 4m wht m askn f u...k...i tld u all dat 2 u kno atleast giv u a hint dat m not dumb...k here goes...thiz is kinda wierd n stupd bt stl...i wantd 2 ask u wen do u thnk all d stf dat u do..i mean...this 1 tym i was jus standng by d windo n thnkng bt den i had 2 go do studiz...dinner...tutz...n all d shit n m lyk...hold it i want 2 clear my mind f all d thots...undrstand on i dont hav d tymm...........cud u help...its k if u cant tho...i dunno wht kinda prsn m cumn across 2 u as...:(...

oRange* said...

hey, dont worry!
i would love to help u out
u can add me -

tell me after u see this. i'll delete it!

take care :)

lena said...

People are just used to judge, I would tell you to ignore, but it won't help much, because we still do care what people are thinking of us.
But important is that those who know you know who you are and what you are like. The rest just does not matter.

Yemiledu said...

The first and last quotes were good!

Disguise said...

See, judging is not always bad. When you've judged the person, it helps you to understand them better, I think. Friends don't judge, and some people have a habit of judging, but it could be for the better rather than the worse.
Oh, and about the judging from what you heard thing, yeah it exists. And yeah, it's horrible. But I think, that makes us stronger, I mean if everything in the world would've been perfect, we would've been so weak, you know?
I don't know what I'm trying to say, so I'll shut up.

oRange* said...

@lena: ya true!

@Yemiledu: :)

@Disguise: im talking about those who make baseless judgements and stick to them for no damn reason.

Nipun said...

Fuck those bastards..
This is what I would also say.
No need to worry about others tags.
Just be yourself.

Shivani said...

Whoa... I smelled something burning.. and realized it was you after having read your post :-P

I think I'm a little late to read this post and I'm sure you've calmed down... so here's an advice from another "tagged ms. arrogant"

Show them a middle finger and tell them to **ck off..
Infact at work place you're better off being known as arrogant. Less number of people will try to tread on you for the fear of getting bashed.

You're a sweet girl and you know it. :)

And I'm going to follow your blog since I do not want to miss out on something as innocent as your posts.

Cheers darling !!!

oRange* said...

@Nipun: yah!

@Shivani: yes yes, im much better now ..thank you :)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥