Saturday, December 26, 2009


I got sloshed on Xmas night at my friend’s place in a sleepover.
1 bottle of Vodka + half a bottle of Beer = me gone totally ‘tul’ :D
That’s how I spent 2009’s Christmas! And it was fabulous *hic*

Well, you all read about how mad I was some days back but getting drunk surely left me feeling a lot lighter and calmer. I could feel it when I woke up next morning. I felt like ..there was some kind of a burden which got released. It was my first. I’ve always wanted to get drunk and I think God made all the arrangements to make our plan work ;)
When I see how the day just looks picture perfect. Nothing went wrong. Damn, was I glad or what! That just goes to show that it just had to happen for SOME reason and it did.

I danced, I cried, I laughed like a maniac, I jumped, I sang ..I did everything I could in those 5 hours of drunkenness. I don’t think I was entirely drunk coz I do remember quite a lot of things. You know, how a kid laughs when his mum/dad throw him up into the air ..The kid knows his parents are not going to let him fall. That’s how I felt when I just fell backwards without thinking twice. And who caught me? The red bean bag :P
And it kept catching me everytime I did it. I even kissed it. Ok, I’m talking crap and no, I’m not drunk anymore. Oh, and I kept saying “I love my mumma” and “I’m sorry” before my friend put me to sleep. Yes, I love my mum but why was I sorry?

Then, we danced. We danced on Sinbad the Sailor and Masakali coz those were the only songs coming on TV that time :/ *damn*
I even screwed things up with some people on phone but I don’t really have regrets. I was just too embarrassed having said whatever I said. But duh, I have an excuse ..I was drunk c’mon! I’m allowed that I guess ;)
And then came the time, when I cried. Cried my heart out. Whining like a baby.

Hope u guys had a fun time too :)

Oh btw, I don’t understand how people get addicted to alcohol! It tastes yuck. *waaack*
It was just my medicine to get drunk. I so didn’t enjoy having it. Even imagining it to be cold coffee with chocolate sauce and whipped cream didn’t help. I almost swore to NOT touch alcohol for the next 10 months atleast! Don’t ask me about the after effects! I almost died. My tummy troubled me so much and I had a crazy headache. I slept for 6-7 hours yesterday and felt drowsy all throughout. I puked too. Infact, I spent my whole morning in the loo yesterday :/

P.S: I’m currently reading a 'super white gay vampire’s' and a 'silly girl’s' louwe story. I was forced to so don’t judge me. Yes, I'm utterly jobless and have nothing better to do in life :P


desigheeandcoffee said...

Getting drunk never led anyone anywhere hon except the gutter. Glad you decided that for yourself too.

Good luck! Happy New Year!

desigheeandcoffee said...

What? No pics of you dancing drunk? Huh?

Not fair!

SiD said...

aah... i guess this was ur first time...

i will give u a secret... getting drunk makes u close 2 god...;)

btw i share the same sentiment with u...on christmas eve, i over loaded by 6 bottles of beer and some whisky...and did things I am not supposed to tell without censoring...

Btw... good 2 c u r back from heaven...:D

See you in new years!!!

SiD said...

if u r at it...I am on Fahrenheit 21 bar this new year...just letting u know...;)

*Shreya* said...

the first/last time I got drunk was RETARDED. broad daylight. COLABA CAUSEWAY >_< and the things I did, embarrassing :/ placed an order at a resto and ran out :/ felt funny, nothing that made me want to get drunk again!!

and yea, it tastes SHIT. not for i-want-my-stuff-to-taste-tasty kinds!!!!

Chanz said...

I too got drunk honey. And i love that feeling when my head sways from left to right. Love it. I didnt sit and drink though. Had gone to Baroda to attend a wedding. In all the 5 functions, both day and night I just had vodka. Wow.. Uuuuhhhhhh... miss it already...

nil said...

Wow,I'm glad getting drunk helped you get rid of those burdens which were inside you. Lol,last time i got drunk was at my sister's spinster party. Boy of boy! Was I drunk :P That was my first, and till now,[about a year already] I haven't done any major alcohol. You're right,it doesn't taste awesome or anything. It's just a medicine to lose it.
It really can help, just as long as we keep it straight to the limits. I'm glad you made your choice :)

Cheers to you!

buckingfastard said...

1 bottle of vodka!!!! u kiddin right!!! :O

well ppl dunt xactly get addicted fr da taste u see!!! its more abt flying and shakin hands wid god!!!

btw how much drunk u get is no xcuse fr reading miss meyer....i m sure dere r bettr things 2 do

Chocolate Lover said...

lol hahaha!

oRange* said...

@Ramit: lol, i've got a video and a recording which is absolutely insane and i DONT wish to post in on my blog :P
so sorry!

@Sid: close to god? i've heard that about sex!

@Shreya: colaba causeway ..broad daylight :O
omg! u'r willldddd :D

@Chanz: ya? i dont miss it at all. but i sure did have fun while i was drunk :D

@nil: totally :)

@buckingfastard: no, some people like the taste too :|
miss meyer? i'm reading twilight :P

@chocolate lover: :)

Yemiledu said...

LOl! Good to know you got drunk :P
I thought I was the only gal who dreams of getting drunk one day :P

desigheeandcoffee said...

Email it to me. I promise I will not post it on my blog! :P

sulagna said...

ohh i loved knwoing what yu did on christmas..kinda took em abck to my wild past..but what i loveed was your reply to sid..close to :)

i agree

The Crystal Heart said...


oRange* said...

@Yemiledu: no no, i was always in that league but now more baba :P

@Ramit: i shall give a thought to that ;)

@sulagna: hehe!

@Crystal Heart: ??

The Crystal Heart said...

}:) that means ur happy..i m happy ...Your every happiness always gve me biggggg smile..

sulagna said...

heyii so what plans for new year..all dhoosh dhaash is planned kya???

Ria said...

hmmm...since u already got drunk, what r ur plans for the new yr hun! ;) :P Anyways, glad u dont like alcohol despite getting drunk. :)

suruchi said...

Hi...sounds like u had fun...
Alwayssssssssss wanted to get drunk to the point of abandon..but something somewhere pulls me back...maybe the fear of what-if the hidden me comes out...

So kudos to u to try to attempt this...and sometimes it does help to let go momentarily...

Quite a cute picture of words that u've created out here:-)

nil said...

Update! :)

oRange* said...

@Crystal Heart: :)

@sulagna: lol! no ways, no dhoosh dhaash planned for new year but surely something fun ..and more safe ;)

@Ria: haha, yes! im glad too :P

@suruchi: yes, u tend to be very vulnerable when u're drunk! but if you're like highly pissed/depressed its good to shake u off your bad mood :D
thank youuuu :)

@nil: update on what? my life? :P
i can give u minute to minute updates if u wish ;)

meow said...

An experience like that does leave you swearing off alcohol for a long time...only until the next time again :)Hope you reach yo happy high someday without any troubling aftermath.

p.s:Hope you dont force yourself through the 'super white gay vampire’s' and a 'silly girl’s' louwe story series. It only gets worse!! :P

oRange* said...

yes, i have already abandoned it :P

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥