Monday, November 30, 2009

Once upon a time..

..there were two girls. Lets name them Meghna and Sia. They were the best of friends. Even though they were four in a group, these two were inseparable. They loved each other dearly and didn’t hide a thing from each other. They would have code names for their crushes, those sleepovers, prank calls ..these 13 year olds were having the time of their lives!

Meghna’s looks could not be left unobserved. She was a really pretty girl. The perfect eyes, the perfect nose, everything was just so perfect! Wherever she went people had to comment on her good looks. Even though she was used to it, she didn’t let that go to her head. She remained her sweet, loving self.

Days went by..she had guys coming and confessing their 'love'for her. Valentines Day would bring with it a whole bunch of flowers and chocolates for her and only her. Sia being her closest friend witnessed all this quietly. She was ofcourse very happy for Meghna but just one day while thinking to herself, she realised that she was a ‘nobody’. Whenever she was with Meghna, she became invisible. No one would even notice her presence. There were people who came and spoke to her only about her best friend. She took all this and slowly and unconsciously started making judgements about herself. She started believing in the fact that she was ugly, useless and not even close to Meghna who she considered to be very lucky. Even though they were best friends, this was one dark secret she never wished to share. Inspite of all this, She didn’t let it affect their friendship. The bond just strengthened.

Finally, the day came when Sia had to leave that school, that city, that country for good. It was a horrible day for both of them. Sia cried buckets. She hated God for this. Going and adjusting to a whole new place sent shivers down her spine. But she had no choice. The surroundings, people, situations had changed but Sia’s perception about herself remained unaltered. Infact, it grew. She wasn’t a loner but she hated her life, the decisions she made..She hated everything related to her. She disliked the way she looked and thought herself to be plain ugly. When she would hear about some guys having a crush on her, she would wonder how one could like HER. She would always tell her friends, “If I was a guy, I would never ever like ME”. Nothing and no one could make her believe that she was not as bad as she thought herself to be.

And that girl, WAS me :)

Yes, this is my story. Things said and done, it’s been 3 years since I’ve changed. So many things happened in these years that made me rethink and change the way I feel about myself and life in general. Now, I’m not even close to being what I used to be. I can say that I LOVE what I see in the mirror everyday ;)
I never hated that gorgeous looking friend of mine. I still don’t. She’s an amazing person and made me realise a very important thing about myself. The funny part is, another VERY good friend of mine is greatly responsible for helping me carrying out that massive change. Love you both.

For all u people out there who don’t like themselves, do come out of it. Believe me, it’s a terrible way to live. Everyone’s unique, everyone’s beautiful in their own way and there’s absolutely no need to compare yourself to others. Make the utmost of the life bestowed upon you.
Sometimes I wonder what state I would have been in ..if those 3 years hadnt happened. I don’t think I would have survived this much. No one can.. with SUCH a pessimistic take on life.

P.S: And don’t you dare laugh at the lameness of the title..
‘Once upon a time’ is used for fairytales and this is ONE of my fairytales too :)
Just without a guy but who says u need a guy in every fairytale huh!

Main apni favourite hoon. Period. :D


buckingfastard said...

oooo....fairytale widout a guy...ghor kalyug!!!!

I wonder y always in such kind of stories...da protagonist is it sum way of self sacrifice!!!...i m sure if meghna wrote her fairytale she wud be da ugly betty!!

i dunt like myself...but i thoroly bear wid me!! i am da only me i got!!

btw Sia is a gr8 name...dunno if its ur real name or pseudo...

*Shreya* said...

its what i think all of us go through...that boring saying, "the grass is greener on the other side"...however bored i am of it, it is VERY true!!!
Nice :)

Madhu said...

nicely written...quite reminds me of the song Girl in the mirror by britney...:)

The Solitary Writer said...

oh u said ..every 1 is unique and beautiful in their own way..its just the way we think....nd percieve nd no need to compare ....beautiful..if u dnt like u then obviously u dnt like ur life!! so better start cherishing every moment of life irrespective of however it is....coz its almighty who decides everything... hmm if the girl in this pics is u ,,,then obviously u shdn't be hating u r beautiful too!!!!

nice post

Pins N Ashes said...

Its sometimes strange when somebody comes and tells u, I'm jealous of u because of ur xyz, n we never bothered or thought that trait worthwhile at all.

Orange, well put:))))

U read st.clares (enid blyton)anytime? There is a character called Mirabel, she comes in form 2.

Americanising Desi said...

you are indeed a masterpiece :D

and like you said "Main apni favourite hoon. Period. :D" hehehe
wish I could say the same about me!

Chanz said...

At times I dont like myself. I hate when I am on my own. (I dont like my own company). But there are certain which I love (simply love) about myself. And no matter what people say, i know that I am the best person in this world and there is nobody like me.. (beaming with joy) :)

oRange* said...

@buckingfastard: haha, "im the only me i got" ..right! yeah, Sia's a lovely name. not mine, im gonna name by child that :P

@Shreya: yes it is. all we gotta do is change the way we think :)

@Madhu: thank you!

@The Solitary Writer: yes its me and thank you very much

@Pins N Ashes: true. thanks! ya, i've read it but at present i just dont remember the girl u'r talking about. enid blyton used to be my favourite those days :)

@AD: haha, thankeee :D
ofcourse u should be able to say that about yourself!

@Chanz: wow! you just condensed all that i wrote beautifully in a few lines! amazing

Yemiledu said...

hey nice post :)

Inb/w I wanted to name my daughter Sia too :~P

Yemiledu said...

And hey you look so cute in the pic :)

J said...

stumbled here from Jinu's.

Neat post and the last line definitely is the icing for this post.

Ravan said...

I had a similar moment days ago,
i call it, the flip of destiny.. you can find an article of same name on my blog.

welcome 2 d other side.

There is a funny story in everything!!

The Crystal Heart said...

Hey Orange Ur Looking Soooo Chweet....Now Your Fairy Tale Has More Popular Than Cindrella Story.....You Have Proved WithOut Magic Any One Change Their Destiny With Their Will-Power And Cute Smile....

P.S : Orange I Am Daam Sure Now In Future Your Fairy Tales Will Also Teaches In 1st To 3rd Classes.....Or May Be Some Popular Director Would Animated Movies On Your Fairy Tales....Really Gods Knows..

Keep It Up....God Bless You.Cya Sia.

Anonymous said...

Respected Orange Ji I Really Donot Know Ur Best Frd Megha Is So Much Beautiful Or Not..But I Know One Thing Ur Heart & Soul Are More Beautiful And Pure Than God Heavan..

You Rockz Dude...

Meera said...

I LOVED this post!

Good doing sweety! :)

Ashley said...

This was one of the most beautiful posts that I have read...ever! I liked the beginning, the middle, the end...everything...
And you are a beautiful person Orange...Stay that way... :)

Shivani said...

Your post glued my eyes to the screen. A very innocent write. Although I'm in a mood to show a middle finger to whoever comes my way today, here goes a "thumbs up" to you :-* ..

Darshan Chande said...

It's very meaningful, Orange. Thumbs up :)

And I liked the last sentence... Who needs a guy....

oRange* said...

@Yemiledu: thanks :)
yah, i love that name.

@J: thank you J! yes, its from Jab We Met. love it too

@Ravan: hmm, i've read that post of yours.

@The Crystal Heart: haha, okay! thanks :D
and my name is not Sia :P

@Anonymous: thank you!

@Meera: thanks a lot :)

@Ashley: wow, im honoured! its a great thing coming from someone like u! thank you so much

@Shivani: im glad sweets! thanks

@Darshan: yayy
haha, thanks!

Disguise said...

You don't need a guy in a fairytale, you don't need anything in a fairytale actually, apart from yourself :)

stefy said...

clap clap clap... A really good story... needless to say inspiring too

When you are struck on cross roads of life, Angels come to bail you out...

I had the same problem, though it was with the studies

Ashwathy said...

Just without a guy but who says u need a guy in every fairytale huh!

Main apni favourite hoon. Period. :D

glad to hear it :-) and i totally agree with the previous sentence!

unfortunately the world places a lot of unnecessary priority on looks... while few realise there is more that matters than just looks...

Nipun said...

agree agree agree..
thats all i got 2 say..
first time here..
Gr8 writing.

Ria said...

nicely written....and i am glad ur perception abt urself changed. And also glad abt the fact tht u dont hate that friend of urs.Stay the way u r gurl!! :) nice blog u hav got.

oRange* said...

@Disguise: absolutely!

@stefy: thanks! hope u'r fine now!

@Ashwathy: right :)

@Nipun: thank you

@Ria: thanks ria!

Anonymous said...

That's lovely for you :) I can;t reach that point fast enough. I hate everything about myself, bar nothing.

Urvashi said...

Once upon a time...ur fairy tale is much better than those set up in the fantasy lands....

really sweet post, cute pic n ur last line rocks......!!! :)

Rishi said...

so this frnd of urs.. the first one.. does she have a mobile no.. u know.. just for reference..

PS: never bog down related to anything, rather just smile at the fact that things could be even more worse... jst walk away wid the smile and watch the world turn upside down jst for u...

don't forget the phn no..

As the Mind Meanders said...

Hmmm I think I get it... you thought you were green... and went all red worrying that you were green... until you realized that you are actually Orange...

I am smart... see... :D

Having typed out my usual quota of rubbish... I must say... that the blog has evolved brilliantly since I got here a couple of months back... very impressive mate...

And this post was nice... it takes courage to own up to complexes... it takes courage to introspect on a public forum... you are not just beautiful... you are brave too.. and I am glad that you are at peace with yourself now... Keep writing... Cheers...

Lakshmi said...

Guy : I love you
Me : I love me too !!!

First timer here... Interesting post.. U got a lovely blog here... U ll be seeing me around.. :D

oRange* said...

@Anonymous: no, dont do that! change the way u look at yourself and im telling you ..after a few months you'll be glad u did so :)

@Urvashi: awh, thanks thanks!

@Rishi: HAHA. sure -_-

@As the mind meanders: that was really sweet ..thank you so much!

@Lakshmi: hehe! thanks, sure i'd love to :)

Shanu said...

Loved this post. I really did.

The last part of the write up was absly brilliant...i had goosebumps reading it.

And yes, the title isnt lame..It is like u...just perfect :)

oRange* said...

omg! thats a BIG thing for me!
lol, im still :O
awh, u're sweet man!

Dhanya said...

I loved this! Glad you came out of that phase and have started loving yourself... :) *Hugs*

Prude said...

Way to go Orange! Orange = the new cinderella :)

We all find our way someday...and it's always beautiful. BTW the picture is gorgeous!

oRange* said...

@Dhanya: awh, thank youuu :)

@Prude: new cinderella :P
yes it sure is! thanks a lot!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥