Monday, November 23, 2009

Chiggy Wiggy

I missed you, my dear little BLOG! I missed u so maaach :(
Last week was super hectic.. I was awfully busy. I didn’t come online, didn’t watch tv, no reading nothing ..thats HOW busy I was! But I loved it. I was caught up with my college fest and now its over ..and I miss it like crazy already. I still feel I have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning and rush to college and see it all beautifully decorated and filled with people and banners

Why do crows shit only on my head? I know my hair’s like awesome and it smells great but cmon ya! :P
Those dirty, black, irritating creatures need to get a life! All they do is eat and shit around. Ugh. Useless beings.
I lost my cell, almost. And those 30 mins were the worst part of this week. I felt so handicapped without it. Like, there’s no reason to live anymore! My contacts, messages, pictures, videos ..i would have lost them ALL! Some asshole flicked it, switched it off and kept it somewhere in college while I was washing the shit off my hair. Thanks to the crows, again :\
I saw something which solved my problems concerning this friend of mine. There are some people who live at the cost of making fun of others. They kinda rob u off your energy by saying and doing stuff making you feel really negative about yourself and there u go, that’s what gets them all charged up. Hmm, so I have this friend who exactly fits in this category and whenever I would talk to her ..she would leave me feeling really bad about myself and my life. Well, she has this 'awesome' effect on everyone. But now no more baby! I realised, there’s a certain way of talking to such people. You cant let them steal your energy and get away with it! You just cant! I finally hit the nail on the head and this time when I met her ..wahahhaa ..i wasn’t affected one bit! And im glad. Bring it on ;)
I’m feeling very proud of myself today. No, not in the negative boastful way but just In the sense that I feel satisfied to see my growth In all these years and I just wish that it continues and doesn’t get stagnant. There's a lot to learn and implement.
I Met some really genuinely sweet people recently. They just made me wonder how one could be that big-hearted. Yes, I met some bitches too but, that’s normal noh.
Being happy without any damn reason makes you even happier :P
I have never seen SO much cuteness together as much as I saw last week. Gosh, seriously! Cuteness, hotness..Whatever you want to call it! Where were all these people all this time maaaan!! I feel, they should be distributed well :P
Its not done otherwise! Dont you think? ;)
Whenever I see my 5 year old cousin, I feel like having a kid. He’s just so cute..Makes me want to raise a child up too. Guess that has to wait!
If someone asks me to go and stay at Crossword for a year, I really wouldn’t mind! I can make that place my home and stay with those books! I can live on those pastries and sandwiches they offer in the coffee shop inside. Just me, my books ..and those pastries :)
I’ve fallen in love with Bryan Adams all over again! I want someone to sing his songs to me now now!!
I saw my ex’s twin. Some random guy who looks exactly like my ex. I saw him sitting backstage and he looked so similar to him. Just before I could hide behind those curtains, that guy turned and *phew* came out to be someone else!

Okie, that was quite an update huh! Im tired. I shall go and get some sleep now.
Tell me u missed me too ;)

P.S: why is this post called chiggy wiggy?
Aive hi! ‘I wana chiggy wiggy with u boy’ ;)

btw, im so happy to see the kind of response my previous post got. Its great to see so many different takes on attachment and all that. Thanks :)


Darshan Chande said...

Seems like a very "chiggy wiggy" mood you are in today, Orange... :) I will again tell you I like your style of writing... Crow wala incident was funnily described :-D

Ravan said...

oh man...sems u r in a real nice mood...well, welcome back...:D

Did u get ur cell phone finally?? Take that guy(who took ur phone) and make him stand in the crow potty ground...;)

Disguise said...

Let's chiggy wiggy!

Yemiledu said...

I missed you :~)
but that was a very cute post!
Thats so true...when we are happy for no reasson we just tend to become more happier :~)

Hope you all the coming weeks for you will be as good as the last week!

oRange* said...

@Darshan: oh yes, i am! thanks again :)

@Ravan: haha, i did! i would love to but thats too much attyachar ..atleast that guy didnt steal it na :P
yes, im in a forgiving mood too! lol

@Disguise: yah baby! ;)

@Yemiledu: awh, thanks thanks! wish u the same :)

Urvashi said...

"If someone asks me to go and stay at Crossword for a year, I really wouldn’t mind! " same here...!! :) :P

The Crystal Heart said...

Hiiii Orange i really really really missed u..i checked ur blog Almost 3 times daily....Lolz

Now You Are buttering ur blog or ur blog such a long Time....hehehe lolz

I Daam Waiting for the day whn u write some thing Happy happy happy happy .....I m happy because ur happy....And Happy is Also happy bcoz his name is happy ...So That means All Are Happy......Thn Spread Happiness....

Waise Can You Tellme Specially Favorite one English song ..Which u lissened 200 times n u donot bored...Except Bryan Adams...I Already Lissened that band.... Keeping Smiling Always ...Cya

Meera said...

That was SOME update! Lurved it! :)

Rahil said...

"Standing on your mamma's porch,
you told me you will wait forever.."

those were the best days of my life...
oh yeah
back in summer of 69

happy now...
and btw that was a lot update abt ur current week..good good ....keep comming more..

and since this is my first visit to your blog..i should really say..its looks are really gr8 !! Good work orange :P

oRange* said...

@Urvashi: :D

@Crystal Heart: lol, thanks

@Meera: thank you :)

@Rahil: wow, that was of great help :P
thanks rahil. i like ur space too :)

mohit said...

nice blog u got here :)

love the template !

will try n keep up with u :D

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Do crows do that to you..? i pity ur hair not you :P

These days we are nothing without a mobile. I ll tell you waht i think once i write a post on the same thing.

Hmmm..i don't like such girls at all, neither i like boys in that form. They say everything and say " was jus kidding yaar". How mean is that?

In life you meet a lot of people...make a note of everyone..its definitely gonna help you in life when you look back.

You wrote a nice post giving updates of yours :)

And you got a nice notebook theme yaar.

Thanks for visiting my blog and would like to see you more :)


- Sugar Cube - said...

So many things alltogether! :)

lol @ Where were all these people all this time maaaan!! I feel, they should be distributed well.

I ask the same thing when I see too much cuteness/hotness around :D

Americanising Desi said...

a nice mood is the right mood!
lovely to see you chiggy wiggin :)

oRange* said...

@mohit: thanks! keep visiting!

@Mahesh: pity me, my hair ..same thing. yes, thats the best part about blogs :)
thanks! yes, i sure will!

@Suga Cube: hahaha! i know

@AD: thanks AD

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥