Friday, November 27, 2009


I had my 1st paper today. I was listening to music like an idiot in the train and you know at times when some song just remains in your head. Like it keeps playing in your mind. Whatever u do, it keeps coming back to you throughout the day ..
Yes, that had to happen today when I had a bloody 2 hour paper to write. ARGH.

And the song was none other than Akon’s Right Now (Akon, I hate u.)
So, there was this huge mess brewing in my head while writing..
Something like ..
Communal riots are the manifestation of communal tension
I wanna make up right now na na
The victims or participants are not necessarily the instigat..
wish we never broke up right now na na
igators. The people usually belong to the urban poor and..
we need to link up right now na na

oh, WTF. And I gave the whole paper like that :|

I saw this group on facebook which read ‘I daydream randomly and then realise I’m staring at someone by mistake’
LMAO. Story of my life. Love you, facebook ;)

Save me. I no want to study :(


Chatterbox said...

Hello Orange,
It's my first visit to your fun blog.

Loved your diary template :)

Good Luck with your exams.

Keep writing. Hope to stay in touch :)


Urvashi said...

Hey...happens with me too..same song runnin around my mind all day long..but during xams..naaa.......cos i hardly listen to any music then!!

Good luck 4 ur papers :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

loll! Happens with me too..I always decide not to listen to songs during exams but end up doing that quite often and then the exam's a blunder :P

Anyway..good luck for your exams.Study well and keep music aside for a while!

PNA said...

Good luck with ur Exams Orange.

And this happens to me all the time to the point I scream out to the next person near me to just give me another song to mull over.... :)))

*Shreya* said...

i looove the template...!!!

FY eh? exams on! songs keep playing. kill them. ask me :(

PaPiLLon said...

lol!..thats not happend to me during a paper but i can imagine how it must b like!!
n that staring at a person while thinkin is sooooo tru!..n so not happening...especially when the person catches u staring! :| of luck for ur exams!

oRange* said...

@Chatterbox: thanks a lot!

@Urvashi: smart! thanks

@Sugar Cube: lol, ill try ;)

@PNA: haha, seriously! thanks

@Shreya: yes! FY! thanks

@Papillon: its terrible, believe me. thank you

*Shreya* said...

were you writing the foundation course paper?!!?! lol i was actually!!!!!

oRange* said...

oh yes yes yes!
same! :P
thats so cool! haha

*Shreya* said...

lol i sound like a c.r.e.e.p
you'r in arts? and a wild guess...Xav?? lol i sound like a c.r.e.e.p =D

oRange* said...

haha, no issues ;)
no not xaviers :P
dude, gimme ur id! this is so much fun ..haha

now, i sound like a creeeeep!
we might just end up being in the same college!

*Shreya* said...

anyway Xaviers here!!
yet, acting c.r.e.e.p.y. is fun =P

oRange* said...

lol, ill add u
yeah it sure is ;)

Ravan said...

hey super thing yaar...ossum...:D

I mean how cool it was to write a paper with song in the head...:P

And i am hunting for the daydream group...:D

U no want 2 study..welcome to the ossum club called study where no one wanna study. We should start a agitation against grown ups who force us to study the same old garbage stuff..

Btw... All the best of luck.

P.s. Shame on u for reading this long comment, go study.
P.P.s. ha ha. :P

Ashley said...

Lol...All the best gal! :)

The Crystal Heart said...

Orange If You Cannot Fly, Run.
If You Cannot Run, Walk.
If You Cannot Walk, Crawl.
But Whatever You Can do,Keep On Moving Towards ur Goals!!!

Best Of Luck For Your Exams...

Respected Orange ji Try To Understand lil Things...

"Champions" are not Super Natural.They just fight one more second when everyone else quits,Sometimes one more second of effort gives you the


P.S - : What is Your Real Name Orange Ji.....Heaven Sake Orange Plzzzzzz Study Study Study Study And Only Study......I Really Trust Your Ability And Your Genius Brain.....I Really Proud On You...God Bless You Cya...

Rohini Prasanth said...

LOL!!! would you beleive it, this happened with me all the time when I was a student. However much I tried not to,the song would just run in the background and come into the foreground often :)

Good luck there.. all the best for your exams..

Rishi said...

I've got the same issue... so i dont listen to any form of music (even though its my life nowadays) for one month prior to any exam...

oRange* said...

@Ravan: its not cool! its irritating, seriously!
haaw, long comments ..i loveee :)
thanks and im so joining that group!

@Ashley: thankee

@The Crystal Heart: lol, if u say so :P

@Rohini: haha! thanks

@Rishi: 1 month, thats too long o_O
i cant survive.

buckingfastard said...

hehe....i got stuck wid "mann ka radio" last time...and worse i kept singin it wid da nasal twing...on da nite be4 roommate...ppl in my corridor in hostel finally forwarded a group request so i cud stop!!!

oRange* said...

that is the last song i want to get stuck with :|

buckingfastard said...


U hav been dere is no cash prize!!!...wat da heck...a chlormint maybe!!!

Pls collect ur award!! if gets stolen dunt blame us....wat da heck...blame aliens!!


chanz said...

Haha... It happens all the time. Bullshit. Even I cant get that song out of my head now. Whoa.. I have no clue what Am i going to do in office now. Lotsa work and this song is like stuck. But trust me, its fun when you sing like a crazy woman.

A piece of advice. Next time start humming the song. The people around you might pick up and start off themselves.

And here I go:
Wish we never broke up right now, na na
we need to link up right now, na na


And yeah, I love your template. I can see that there are a lot of people liking the diary style template but I like the random art on the top more than anything :)

And i love your blog too. You are good man. You got a follower too.

And wish ya good luck for your xams (that is if they are still on..)

cheers girl

ki said...

I have hindi film ke dialogues running through my head when I write assignments. Damn funny it is :D

oRange* said...

@buckingfastard: woah, thanks!

@chanz: its fun singing like a crazy woman but its so not cool having a song stuck in your mind while writing an exam :|
thank you so much and yes i love the random art too :)

@ki: omg ki! glad to see u here! i thought i lost your blog link

The Solitary Writer said...

i believe that ur paper was 'AUSUMN'

hope u did well...

gd luck fr results!

Akshay said...

Heh, I had a similar experience when "Pardesi" played in my head during my HSC computer paper...

Traumatic :P

Anyway all the best with your exams...
What do you study btw?

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥