Sunday, November 1, 2009


Girl: what did u mean when u said that?
Boy: I don’t know …
G: like, what were u thinking? Were u serious?
B: I don’t know ..i guess
G: okay, what are u confused about? Tell me all
B: umm, its weird ..i don’t know ..

G wants to slap the shit out of him and push him into a well and never see his fucking face again ..but then all she manages to say is “okay”

How do guys never know anything? Hows it possible? If u don’t know, then who will! Do u expect me to read ur mind or something? Are u a 5 year old kid who’s having trouble deciding which toy he wants to buy! Wake up! We’re talking SERIOUS stuff out here dammit! I dont know how u do this 'i dont know' thing.

This I-Don’t-Know problem is so often seen among guys! U can never have a proper discussion with the overflow of ‘I don’t knows’ ..It just kills the mood. How much do u want the other person to extract stuff out of u? And then u ask ..why I am getting so serious! Serious?! Yes, its obviously not serious for u..Coz I’m the mindfucked one out here! Im the one who has to assume stuff and analyse what your different I-don’t-knows ‘might’ mean! ARGGHH!

You OUGHT to know honey! You OUGHT to! The best way to avoid I-don’t-knows is to communicate. Just tell her all that you’re confused about. You’ll spare her the torture and those mind boggling sessions she’ll have because of YOU! Makes life so much more easier..doesn’t it?

Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Sigh. I so wish some kabootar could take this post and show it to the person who made me write it :(
Yes, I had to vent it out and now im done. Im out.


Darshan Chande said...

What you are saying, Orange, is right. But I don't think it's the problem with guys alone. It's a human problem and is seen equally in girls too. Obviously, you won't see it because it's something that's done in front of opposite sex only. Same sexes talk with each other more openly...

Psychologically, "I don't know" might mean there's something in his mind which he is just reluctant to say thinking the other person might not like it. So, by saying "I don't know" he might be anticipating you to guess the thing... If you go near what's in his mind then he will feel safe to say the whole thing. LOL. It's not absolute. But in some cases it's the case. You get it, Orange?

Kaka said...

i still cant get over ur last post....whenver someone uses hmm or wat else i am reminded og ur comes i dont know....:P....seriously i agree with what darshan has said....:)
P.S: kabootar aa aa aa ....:D

ani_aset said...

I would not want to go ahead and tell you that the problem is not guy specific. Happens. God bless you :)..why dont you email him? why wait for a kabootar

oRange* said...

@Darshan: yeah maybe i feel its common in guys coz i've heard it from one. no but the point is that its better to just say what u have to than to think how it'll be perceived by the other person. i prefer it that way.

@Kaka: woW, what fun! :D
kabootar jaa, jaa jaa, kabootar jaa jaa jaa

@ani_asset: i have told him this and maine pyar kiya tells that kabootars do a better job ;)

Swats said...

Hi :)

I often say, "I don't know"..I am just used to using these 3 words..Sometimes, I genuinely don't know..and other times, I just happen to use these words..I've gotten too habituated to I-don't-know :P

This I-Don’t-Know problem is so often seen among guys..U really think so? I think it's the other way around..

- Sugar Cube - said...

'I don't know' problem isn't just with guys and with those it is..they either don't want to answer or they cannot find anything suitable to say or of course they really don't know :P

As for the guy that you have mentioned - I guess he didn't want to answer prolly coz he doesn't want to be judged by the girl ( or you ) after he's answered.
but yes..he does seem to be super confused : when he couldn't answer "are you serious?" :P

The Crystal Heart said...

Respected Orange Ji If Problem Solved So Easily....Then People Never Fights...He Said "I Donot Know" Because He Had Released That On That Time He was Over Reacted And Now He Donot Know Any Thing To Say....Speachless... Juzz Feel Bad About His Weird Behaviours...And You Must Forgive Him With Your Huge Heart....Stay Happy......God Bless You Take Care Cya

Insignia said...

Hmm, what I have learnt is men are made that way, we are made like this.

They dont understand when we ask "How can you not know?" They find it amusing, we find their response irritating.

But thats ok. Its not his fault, nor yours. The way we are made unique, they are also different. So chill :-)

buckingfastard said...

hah!! even gals do dat 'i dunt kno' act...wich many ppl hav alredy mentiond...

but psst psst...u kno why guys do it....coz it freaks out her girl...and girls always luk beautiful wen dey r its out lill secret!!! :)

oRange* said...

@Swats: even i use it but i make sure i atleast know what im confused about and sort it out as soon as possible!

@Sugar Cube: maybe, but its irritating! UGH. i think i would end up making my judgements after hearing a series of 'i dont knows'

@The Crystal Heart: yeah

@Insignia: yeah it all boils down to the fact that not only men and women ..but every individual is unique and functions in a different way we have to respect that.

@buckingfastard: i can bet on the fact that this wasnt the case this time :P


Americanising Desi said...

grrr i could feel the tension build up in me :(

Karthik said...

Well, oRange, I don't know what you are talking about. Oops! :D
Boys use this a lot, did you say? Umm...I guess..ummmm... I don't know. He he he.. :P

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥