Thursday, November 12, 2009

Main aur meri tanhaayi ..

I was just wondering ..
If I had invested even half of my mind, energy and time into thinking about my studies and doing some career planning instead of thinking about EVERYTHING else, I would have had scored way better earlier (its not too late, but still ..)

Guess, its all about priorities ..but what do u do when u know what your priorities are but (at times) u wished they were different ..
I don’t know what we’re supposed to do in such a state, but u sure turn out to look like this ..

HANGING. Yes, what a lovely state that is :|

P.S: Its great fun to watch my Bengali and Marathi maid talk to each other in their own respective languages :P


Yemiledu said...

I completely understand how you must be feeling right now.
But remember "Everything else" was important at that time.
Wasn't it ?

you drew that hanging pic..isn't it?

I wanna see your maids talk to each!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

pye hoye...tanhaha tanaha eh...:D

Always remember there are times where you feel that you should choose soemone else... or something else...that times always remmeber...

to hell wid life...just chill!!!

True story!!

RSV said...

I totally agree wid..
there are times when u feel u are not doing fine..that is when u should change..right??

Dhanya said...

Yeah, we think of all nonsense things only :( I feel the same too at times... if only I gave this much effort and thought to my studies, I would have been a rank holder for sure...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Well there are many times in life when a person totally feels torn but some times the mind needs to trump the heart and we need to suck it up and do what is important at the moment... priorities change with time so you will be able to prioritize the things that you love as well. Perhaps, today is just not the day for them.

oRange* said...

@Yemiledu: yes, it sure was! lol, i did ..i suck at drawing :P

@Sid: chilled out ..ekdam!

@RSV: thats exactly what im TRYING to do now. shifting focus

@Dhanya: i knowww!

@Raaji: i hope to. i dont want to regret anything later on ..

buckingfastard said...

well if u had invested all dose time in studyin...u wud be a nerd...and dis blogspace wudnt even exist..

coz ur life wud be widout failures aka excitements!!!

btw...aftr loooong time met a girl who sucks at paintin....i pity dat pink guy!!

aqua gurl said...

thnks so much for your comment !!!

your background is cool too !

Rishi said...

maid for each other??

санжог said...

eni mini miny mo;
OMG im confused so;
this way, that way I don't know;
Will take help from magic toe;
where it points there I'll go;

You should watch a Chinese talk to an Indian.

oRange* said...

@buckingfastard: failures :|
o..k, it wasnt THAT bad :P
oh cmon, that pink guy's so cute ..and he's pink coz i love pink! just look at the way his legs are hanging and those 2 question marks! genius.

@aqua gurl: thanks :)

@Rishi: yeah yeah, maid for each other :D

@санжог: that poem explains it all! thank you!

- Sugar Cube - said...

I'm in the same state currently !

Ashley said...

Main aur meri tanhaayi...aksar latake soocha karte kaash..Kaash..aisa aapka agla post be an excerpt of the maids conversation!

Chandler said...

nice blog and nice thoughts. a lonely feeling sometime works wonders.

Lavender said...

When I look back at my life I guess I get that feeling a lot of times. But at the end of the day even my F*ckups teach me a lot.
So don't be afraid to do something wrong.
they reinforce you on the path of right.

oRange* said...

@Sugar Cube: *high five*

@Ashley: haha, sure sure!

@Chandler: thanks!

@Lavender: true!

Yemiledu said...

No the pic was goood :~)

The Crystal Heart said...

Brilliant ..Thoughts...If You Would Study In Exams Time Its Enough For..You..Your So Much Brilliant And Genius..That Our Education Minister Would Give you Graduation And Master Degree Now Without Wasting Your Precious 5 Year Time ....You Deserve It ...Cya

The Solitary Writer said...

yes we get those feelings sometimes in life ...!! well if u d invested those energy nd time in studies...then surely u wd have been someone may be a ranker or happens and it happened to me as after grad or may be 12th to be precise its different and things change!! nd vaise priorities r imp in life too!

oRange* said...

@Yemiledu: yay! haha, thanks ;)

@The Crystal Heart: omg. no!

@The Solitary Writer: everyone has their own priorities, whats important is if u'r working towards fulfilling it.

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥