Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A few habits which annoy me to the core!

The ‘what’s up’ types!
Ugh. Who invented this word? Whenever someone asks this question, the person is not really interested in knowing what’s actually happening in your life ..its merely a way to start a conversation(and then kill it)! Before even asking the question, u know what u’r gonna get back in return...And that’s "nothing ya, just normal stuff"
I mean seriously, why would I even bother to tell some random friend ..this is up and that is up ..And blah blah blah. U’r not even interested so why the hell do u ask me such dumb questions!!
What’s up is still fine..Recently a random person turned up and asked “so, what is up?” I mean..Duh! “What’s up” toh theek tha, now what’s with the “what is up” dude!

Some people have this annoying habit of coming weirdly close to u while talking. So close that u have no place to breathe! You’re like screaming for oxygen out there and that person expects u to have a proper conversation with him/her! There was a time when I actually tripped while moving away from the person. Like I kept going behind and *woops* I tripped over a stone! And he went like “omg! Careful” ..yeah right careful! U’ll attack me any second, how can I be careful :S

Another habit which irritates me is when people start getting too touchy! I have a space around me and I don’t like just anyone intruding it. Its creeps me out! I have a cousin who just cant keep her hands off people! The last time I went to her house, she actually slept all night hugging me ..and u can imagine how the night passed! Yes, I was unable to move ..i managed to sleep for like an hour or so!

And then u have people who cant stop saying “what else”! After every sentence u say, they’ll go “so, what else”. ARGH. What do u want to hear! No, just tell me what u want to hear and ill say it and u can finally stop saying those two unbearable words! In some time, maybe before u even complete the sentence ..the person’s gonna go “what else?” :O

The last category I can think of now is that of those people who expect u to have no other work than to sit and call them every single day! Even if u’r talking to them after 2 days ..they’ll be like “You forgot me na! Aisa na. U cant even call! What ya!”
Seriously honey, im TRYING to forget u ..but kya kare, u just keep appearing :S

Why this sudden outburst of annoying habits? Well, its because I just met a friend who is blessed with all these qualities :D
Huahaha! But who does not have annoying habits noh ;)

P.S: Kareena’s hot man!


Saurabh Panshikar said...

hey wats up?

gr8 post!

and wat else?

keep blogging! lol

Kaka said...

lol!!!!!loved the way u wrote at the night u slept with ur cousin..:P....

oRange* said...

@Saurabh Panshikar: spare meee! haha! thanks

@Kaka: thank you :P

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

oh man,...that was hilarious... u did not metion about 'Ssup...:D

Darshan Chande said...

The world is full of hypocrites. There's more pretending going on in the world than just "what's up" and things you mentioned. And that hypocrisy is so gotten in people's blood that we don't even realize we are being hypocrites!!

The Solitary Writer said...

lol true happens nd i remember using such statements to my friends when they do to its the way ppl take may be annoying fr u i dnt think so...may be they cd use it to start a conversation ....whats up? is fine bt never heard of anything like what is up?

wht do u think wud be up :O silly haina? or may be if that was meant to be sarcastic then may be one cd reply as fan ,ceiling ,sky ,clouds etc :P bt doesnt makes sense..
nd abt what else ? yes i knw ...the saturation level exceeds the threshold nd ppl go berserk...wht else :P my frnd ajay often does it nd its damn irritating...nd another thing that they do during a convo is use of fillers like umm,mmm,hmm etc
hmm is really irritating bt some also write 'k' whch is even more annoyng at times...abt the other 2 cases i dont knw talking closely nd hugging part....last category was truee
btw i think Katrina is Hot :D

loved the way u wrote this post ...

The Crystal Heart said...

Orange You Are Completly Right.....Good humor makes all things tolerable...and those with the bad one.. Please dont expect us to bear Dis Things Any Cost...hehehe lolz Stay Happy :~)

oRange* said...

@Sid: 'ssup', 'wazzup' ..all fall under the same category! all modifications of 'whats up'

@Darshan: hmm! u found a deeper meaning to this too! awesome :P

@The Solitary Writer: oh how could i miss out on the hmms and umms and the ks! yes, thanks for adding that! lol, thank you!

@The Crystal Heart: yo

The Solitary Writer said...

nw u add it hehehe

infact my next post is based on umm,mm,hmm ,aww nd k's :p
will link this post on that post

buckingfastard said...

i can totally relate...well try to giv sum on-da-face replies...

Q: wats up?
A:had overdose of viagra last nite...guess??

for touchy ppl...wat i do is get too touchy in return...dey always get scared off... :D

oRange* said...

@The Solitary Writer: that'll be cool! do that

@buckingfastard: LMAO! good one, should try that ;)

gkam said...

haha... true

i feel "what else" is like the ice breaker when the conversation has just frozen midway and ur status on gtalk goes 'idle' aaand I hate its usage to the core! :D

more irritants are unregulated usage of "lol"s

hello, firs' time 'ere

nice blog :)

RSV said...

hey what's up! did u have a nice sleep?

Karthik said...

ha ha ha.. lol.. :D
You know there is one more category of people who keep saying, 'you know' all the time. You know what i mean, don't you? :D :D
Wonderful post! I smiled all the way through the reading. :-)

oRange* said...

@gkam: oh yes, the unnecessary usage of lols! irritating.
thank you! i can say the same about yours :)

@RSV: what? with my cousin? i can write another post on that :D

@Karthik: oops, i think i might fall under that category :P
thank you so much karthik!

Ashley said...

I hate the touchy feely kind and I cannot stand the "what else".
Lovely list this! Loved it! Loved it! :)

oRange* said...

thank you, thank you ..and did i say ..thank you? :)

Lavender said...

OMg! So true. I used to have a friend who used to run her hands up and down my back everytime she spoke to me.
Get a grip on yourself woman!

oRange* said...

omg! thats the creepiest touchy case i've heard so far!

ani_aset said...

Next time they ask you speak the following- "my uncles aunts youngest cousins smallest daughter friend has an exam i am going to teach her...bla bla bla..then my father has....then my friends smallest sisters friend...."-- i am sure they will never ask you whats up again.

what else- well one isnt interested they say what else...better to stop talking to them

"Seriously honey, im TRYING to forget u ..but kya kare, u just keep appearing :S" - ROFL

oRange* said...

LOL! what a waste of energy!

Rohini Prasanth said...

Guilty! I am the 'what else' kind of girl. Didnt realise it could be so annoying. Will try to keep tabs on it from now on.. atleast with you ;) But hey.. thats just part of me I supppose. Cant help it..

There are conversations with people close to me, that I do not want to end. I am entirely comfortable with silences when the person is in front of me, but on the phone, or IM's I go 'what else' often 'cos I want to know what has hapened in their life that I missed. :D

oRange* said...

awh, i didnt mean it that way ..
i was referring to those who have absolutely nothing to offer and just want u to do all the talking :)

Americanising Desi said...

wow. guess it is the annoying season ;)
i too am too high on being annoyed with a certain lot.
the whatever lot and the anywayz lot!
one ticks me off with the limited speech option and try to appear all kool stuff and the second with their stupid vocab and grammatical error and yet the flauting. yukhg!

A rebel all the way... said...

I was actually laughing while reading this. hahahaha.
Very well written.
And even I hate allllll these qualities in people. Specially the 'touching' one. Ewwww. Hands OFF plz!

oRange* said...

@AD: how did i forget that! yes ofcourse!

@a rebel all the way: hehe, im glad. thanks :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Lol =)

I replace 'whats up' with 'Howdy' these days :P Kya karein..kaafi tang kar diya logo ko :D
And earlier I used to give annoying answer to anybody who asked me "what's up"..Now I just feel too tired to reply to it.
'What is up' is lame.
A lot of ppl stylishly ask 'watzaa' too :P

I loathe the 'chipku' people too :D Just like you..I have a cousin who needs to hold someone's hand while she's sleeping :| I was the victim once :| lol

And hey..'what else' is kinda OK.Very common...a way to propel the conv ..utna toh chalta hai :) [ Yah am defending my usage of the word :D ]

You forgot me na! Aisa na. U cant even call! What ya!”

Seriously honey, im TRYING to forget u ..but kya kare, u just keep appearing :S

lol haha!
Kabhi waisa bol bhi dena :D

Insignia said...

That is why Indians get etiquette lessons before flying abroad :-P

Another annoying habit is gesturing in a confusing way. Talk it out!!

oRange* said...

@Sugar Cube: watzaa ..eeww! :S
what else is okay ..totally fine but as i said earlier in one of the comments referring to those who only say 'what else' while conversing maybe coz they have nothing else to say and they just expect u to go on yapping!
lol, bahut baar bola bhi hain yaar ;)

@Insignia: lol, yeah

Yemiledu said...

Hey..thats true,its totally annoying to hear whats up and what else too many a times in a single conversation.

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥