Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Put your own title. I'm too bored.

One second, I’m all so excited about the future and the next second, I’m petrified. Well, this is the petrified phase going on now and oh.my.god, I’m so scared I could pee in my pants.

Everyone has such grand plans. And what am I doing? I’m living someone else’s plan. Nooo. I don’t want to. I want my own sweet plan. The plan I could think about every night and work towards making it work.

Why can’t I just be walking on the street when some beeeg director could spot me and cast me opposite Ranbir Kapoor in some movie? Of course, makeovers and all will happen also :P
And the money..and Ranbir! :O

But no!
Only anorexic females who hardly know how to speak properly like Kangna Ranaut are allowed this.
Uff. Can you feel the tension?

You up there ..must be laughing there with a bucket of popcorn in your hand.
Your daily source of entertainment, aren’t I?

P.S: I really like Kangna btw. But this mood is such. It makes me write mean things about people.
And no, I certainly don’t want to become an actress. It was never a part of any of my plans (okay once when I was small but I grew over it pretty soon)
It's just Ranbir, you know :(

And tell me! Who invented the word ‘re’?
Highly annoying. Makes me want to scream.
Yes re, No re, Why re, What re, Come re, Eat re, Nothing re.


I am illiterate when it comes to football and this is the toughest time of the year, for people like me.
I hate it when all people can talk about now is ..FOOTBALL and I have nothing to offer! Except for of course ..

When does this bloody thing come to an end?
How do people WATCH sports? Don’t they get bored?

Too much randomness in one post. Not good.
And then tomorrow, I’ll suffer from a writer’s block.

Bye bye bye!


TurbulentMind said...

you talk like this person i know :P

The Bald Guy said...

I don't understand football to me. Makes no sense.

Imagine being the poor ball. Does all the hard work and the men who kick it take all the credit.

Love your randomness.

Things'll be alright. Hang in there.

Madhu said...

hey i love football..Now that u are already cribbing about not being interested in it..Ill keep shut..:P

The Bald Guy said...

And my title for this post be, "Yay! I love Tbg!"

яノςんム said...

last night a frnd of mine called up and told me that her husband makes her watch worldcup and she is sick. and I replied, 'thank God I'm not married' :D

and the mood swings, its all right, every one have em :0 but yeah most important is that you dont live someone else's plan.. have a plan :)

i dont want to put on more pressure, i just want to let you know, living someone' else's plan is painful. real painful :)

Ria said...

Ha ha cute random little post, ;) And yes Ranbir is so gooood!! :P

Shreya said...

HAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH you are my new she-makes-me-feel-i'm-not-the-only-odd-crayon-on-earth friend now on :D

ani_aset said...

alle ..its the mum lingo and even i dont like it..did you see who kaka and messi is? go see and may be then you wil like football :D

Mehak said...

hehe, you make me :)
hope this phase passes soon for u! :)

mohit said...

that's what the blog is for isn't it? venting it out?

go ahead ...curse anyone you want to....write whatever..... we'll read

The (un)Common Woman said...


I have dreamt the same at times. And I don mind becoming an actress if it involves Ranbir! :)

I agree with re.

I agree with your views on sports, if I can call it "views" :P

Luv ya. :)

Chanz said...

I too like kangana.. But only till the time she doesnt open her mouth..

and don't worry.. U'll get a role opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Grab your pillow and go to sleep.. Sometime, someplace, you will find him standing right in front of you.. :D

buckingfastard said...

wat re!! i love saying re!! and uff dis ranbir fixation....

dunno why girls find him sooo handsome and all..maybe now i understand why girls hate angelina jolie!!

no ppl who dont watch sports get bored hav have kangana fixation!! hmmf!!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

LOL!!! I totally agree with the football part. and yeah i tend to get horribly random in one post and wont post again for the next 2 months :|
i dont really like ranbir by the way. i used to find him gay looking but now i find him ok :P hope i dont fall in love with him like everyone else now :P

sulagna ™ said...

heee you mkae me feel i am not alon, when i am riding my bike to work i think oho aajke 2 mails pathabo, on i also need to give my suit for stiching, oho do i need to call his mom again, shit did i switch off the geyser..and you know waht..i love it...its fun to be crazy n unpredictable..haina??

nil said...

Lolol! Oh oRange*! babe you're like super cool and daaayyuumm cool! :D

and yesss. Ranbir :D

Americanising Desi said...

a spell of turbulence has casted itself over your horizon :) hold on - dont shatter!

blunt edges said...

hahaha...how random was that!

n u really like kangana? she irritates me big time!

n as for the world cup, it comes once in just 4years...n will get over next sunday...so chill RE :P

arshat.chaudhary said...

God.. this is such an awesome blog..
You way of writing is so chirpy.. u r just non-stop!
Love the posts.. blogging at its best.. :)

oRange* said...

@TM: :D

@Baldie: Lol, even you dont? EEEEEE! :D
I've been hanging only ..since when!

@Madhu: Lol yes

@ яノςんム: painful, I know. I can feel it already.

@Ria: yaaaaaay!

@Shreya: Odd crayon! Hahaha! Ditto ;)

@ani: yes, I have and I just know that they're HOTTTT :O

@Mehak: awh, thanks :)

@Mohit: right on! That's what I dooo!

@The (un)common Woman: Hahaha!

@Chanz: For a change, I want to see myself standing next to him ..in REAL!

@BF: What re! Ranbir's good re! And football is a beeeg bore re!

@Harini: He is NOT gay, Harini! Please note.

@Su: Of course it is! :D

@Nil: Haha! Mwah! I could actually imagine you saying that, Nil!

@AD: Lol, it sure has!

@blunt edges: Yusssssss! Finally.

@arshat: Thank you so much! :)

Rishi said...


beginners guide to football

oRange* said...


Rishi said...


Why Some Woman Hate Football

Mr Happy said...

RE is used as a suffix in South India:)

lyked kangana only in Fashion, cant bear her irriating shrieking voice

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥