Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look, Look inside your tiny mind ..

Stop. Think.
Do you know yourself?
Do you know why you follow/believe certain things?
Do you have any preconceived notions? If yes, then on what basis?
Now, just be honest.

If you dont know, then I’m sorry you’re being plain stupid. Because you obviously live in the stone age and don’t find it necessary to question yourself from time to time.

How do people live like that, I wonder? One thing’s for sure, it’s damn easy to live that way. But easy or not easy is not the question. It’s whether one is satisfied living such a life.

People are like that because they get too comfortable living a certain way. Everything’s fixed in their life ..The stubborn and inflexible people they are. But guess what, reality check: isn’t it time, to come out of your comfort 'La-La Land' zone and focus on growing as a person?

I’ve met way too many people like this. When you ask them why they’re behaving in a certain manner..the best they can come up with is “That’s just the way I am” (Oh, how convincing!) or they’ll try and justify themselves with explanations which don’t include anything concrete.

I have no issues when people choose to live however they want to and even when I question them ..I don’t mean to impose my thoughts on them. I’m just this curious bunny who’s just asking a simple question – WHY? WHY? WHY?

You come up with something good, I’ll leave you.
I promise :P


Okay I read the whole thing and it makes me look like some stuck-up, conceited bitch who thinks herself to be oh-so-perfect! No, I don’t think myself to be even close to perfect but I surely don’t fall in the above category because I am always open to questions and I know if there’s something worth changing in me, I will give it a serious thought. It’s not such a humongous task, really.

In random news: I gave myself fringes and felt all creative today.


Shreya said...

you gave yourself fringes :O LIKE YOU CUT YOUR OWN HAIR?????

Tell me I'm not the only one who cuts her own hair :D tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

Ria said...

Yeah well i know what u r talking abt, hav come across tons of such ppl. Some ppl jus get on my nerves.

oRange* said...

@Shreya: Guess whaaaat, sometimes I go mad and cut my own hair! Weeeeee :D

@Ria: tell. me. about. it.

The Bald Guy said...

What are fringes? :|

Chocolatelover said...

Hahha, the fringes part sounds really good. ::)

ani_aset said...

ahan thts cool :) and why you so bothered for others..or you are just too concerned ? :D

stefy said...

only 1 in 10000 will think differently...most of us will go along with the flow!

buckingfastard said...

stopped reading after third line....u outrightly claimed i am contemplating on my merge existance...

fringes as in fringes due to diffraction and interference of two closely spaced slits through which light passes??

on second thoughts i guess not!!

The (un)Common Woman said...

Well, I don remember what I wrote other than *that* and the pissed thing. :D

Oh yeah, fringes? CUTE. :P

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi girl - how have you been? I've been bad and I'm sorry...

Raj said...

you really dont talk like a 19 yr old sometimes. :)

damn i m proud of reading you :P

Madhu said...

well i have an umpteen why'z in my life...ill put that up in my next post though..

reading ur last one,103 definetely pricks girl..:P for me 50 pricks too! LOL

oRange* said...

@Baldie: Buckingfastard just explained it SO well :P

@Choco: :D

@ani_asset: Curious, is the word :)

@stefy: yes, i know that by now!

@BF: oh I was talking about JUST that!

@The (un)common woman: :)

@Corinne: Hey! Long time! Im good! Of course not! I know what you're talking about. Chill!
It's all good :)

@Raj: Aiyooo! The sweetness! Haha, thankyou

@Madhu: oh, so do I. I could go volumes on that!

blunt edges said...

ok i'll be honest for a that scale, i'm just "plain stupid"! ;)

n congrats on the fringes :)

Sangitha :) said...

i was thinking deeply about my beliefs and things i do as i was reading ur post.. and then out of nowhere u talk abt fringes and make me forget what i was thinking.. :| :D
Yeah..we all behave stupidly at some point or the other.. and i guess its forgiven.. :D

sulagna ™ said...

paagol mein :)

with love

another paagol mein

mohit said...

well yea, curiosity is a good thing, but u gotta remember ppl just might not want to disclose some stuff....or might be in a comfort zone and not want to discuss it ..

Raj said...

how did i not realize. how. this is you. :)

Rishi said...


nikita said...

you made me think why????

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥