Monday, June 14, 2010

I hate New. I miss Old :'(

Getting used to people is sick. Getting used to anything is sick.
And that happens to be my hobby by the way.
Just when I get so comfortable in my own small little bubble, someone comes and bursts it and *pop* it goes!

There is a thin line between getting used to someone and genuinely *liking* the person. And as of now, I seem to have lost that line. So, I'm trying to figure things out but fuck, I don't know what I want!
Do you know HOW much that sucks?
So much shit happens in my head?
No, you don't. No one does.
So, the best you can do is stop lecturing me.

I was watching some kids playing in the rain today.
And then I tried to remember the last time I played in the rain like that.
I realised, from the time I’ve turned into this obsessed-with-my-hair maniac, forget playing..I haven’t even walked properly in the rain minus any worries!


It’s raining and to hell with everything else! I’m going to go there and break into a dance!

I love twirling umbrellas btw.
I also do stunts. Umbrella stunts.
And then the umbrella gets all weird and refuses to protect me from the rain.
Okay bye.

103 is starting to prick me now haa!
I know this is cheap promotion but it is all about loving your blog, riiiight? ;)


The Goddess of Boho said...

See itam.
rain protection is very very important for us boooo-tiful ladies.
If we dont look booo-tiful, what will the men stare at.
With beaytiful hair comes resposibility.
So froma fellow I will not step out in the rain because it does mean things to my hair, stay and that umbrella!
And while you learn to do these saxy, saxt stunts!
Teach moi.
I bees eagerly, eagerly waiting =D

lots of wuv!

The Goddess of Boho said...

*stay in that umbrella

P.S. I'm too lazy to grammatically correct the afore mentioned nonsense :P

The Bald Guy said...


Ria said...

I love playing in the i wish i cud do that now.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

i play in the rain even today... its so fun to get wet!!!

The (un)Common Woman said...

No lecture.

103 is cool.

Enjoy the rain and visit my blog at times!!

Disguise said...

Rain is awesome :)
and I know how you feel and I want you to know you're not the only one :)

Shreya said...

@Goddess of Boho, you drunk my booteafool ladiej? :|

@oRange, you sound SO confused i'm confusing myself :s

Anyway, to all those dead people on blogspot....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Bald Guy said...

Tagged you.

ani_aset said...

ahan umbrella stunts :) show us some with the umbrella song ;)

Yemiledu said... are not the only one who is feeling those blues.
Hope you enjoyed the rain :~)

oRange* said...

@GOB: Too maaach Itaaaam! You are ae crackpot. Yes, you are so right! The rains are jealous of our hairs! Egzhactly. The stunts? Sure. Do I get some of those *awesome* clothes featured on your blog for free then? :D

@Baldie: Muaaaah!

@Ria: same :(

@Sid: yeah, it sure is!

@The (un)common woman: I dooo!

@Disguise: *hugs*

Yes, I am perenially confused.

@ani: lol, sure sure!

@Yemi: umm, im not sure about the enjoying when it comes to travelling but ya ..its much better than summer :)

nil said...

oRange*!!! Dude, I know what you mean. Okay I miss you like hell, and fuck yeah I got used to chulling with you in like A DAY. Okay!
Nah but really, shit happens. And this kinda shit def. happens!

And babe, go right out there and dance in the downpour alright!
Do all the stunts you can! ;)

Oii where have you vanished? Haven't seen you on my page for a while? I miss you man :(

Anddddd 103!
That's big okayyy! :D

Rishi said...

rain.. turns back everyone into a kid :)

Mr Happy said...

getting drenched in rain is fun,.......

buckingfastard said...

OMG my hair is soo long i m actually relating wid a girl abt rain related hair problems....fuck long for a crew cut!!

TurbulentMind said...

umbrella or no umbrella rains are fun!! :P my sister and I would have to wear raincoats before going out to play in the rain :P, one can totally enjoy the rain under an umbrella..

and not knowing what I want..WELCOME to the club :P

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

quite impressive post,.. your a genius blogger!!!

oRange* said...

@Nil: I know right! Shit happens. Awh, I mish you too :)

@Rishi: yeah

@Mr. Happy: right

@BF: Lol! Omg omg omg! Go get a haircut ..quick!! :P

@TM: no but umbrellas suck!

@Jesson and Rey Ann: Oh my god, thank you! :D

Neha said...

I wish i did too!
all i am worried now about is my hair, my dress, my shoes

blunt edges said...

so...did u dance in the rains?

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥