Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I want to turn into this cold, indifferent ..uncaring creature.
Like you know, have this protective bubble around you types.

If not that ..

Then maybe, turning into a complete alcoholic will also do.
So that I can cry, shout, howl, whine ..whenever, wherever.
Like some ignorant fool.

If not that ..

Then let me just sleep through this phase
And act like I’m going die tomorrow.

Why this fuss?

I hate feeling helpless.

I can’t control. I can’t change.
Because the strings are not in my hands. They never were.
And I’m tired of waiting for something to happen/change
So what am I expected to do?

..and then when you press shuffle on your iPod and when
‘Work it, make it, do it, makes us
Harder, better, faster, stronger ..’ starts off randomly ..
You know someone up there wants you to cheer up too.


The Bald Guy said...

Cheer up!

And you could never be cold and indifferent! You're way too nice for that!

The (un)Common Woman said...

Baby!! That last line should have been larger and bolder! I don know about someone up there, but I do want you to cheer up!
Face it with head high and be brave!

I know, easy to say.

I have felt this myself n number of times. May be not that alcoholic part. :)

I just immersed myself in other things until later and later those things didnt seem so heart breaking. :)

Don't hope. Be sure. :)
*bear hug*

suruchi said...

Hi Orange...
The strings may appear to be in someone else’s hands...but when u yes YOU decide to take them into yours...after a bit of ruffling, they adapt to your hands and wishes just as well...
However coercion and whim-throwing is not always the trick
A dash of manipulation can also work wonders...
A sensible girl like you would know how to get what you really want...
But first please ascertain what it is that you want actually!

And if you are already looking at positive signs to cheer up...this “orange” would taste good forever:-)

buckingfastard said...

OMG ur wanna turn into me....well its not gonna help u!!! u see!!! alcohol may!!! but rest tch tch no way!!!

and btw as my twitter tells me its rainin in mumbai!!! i m sure ur already up and happy!!!! its monsoons baby!!

R said...

Oh, I know that feeling.....of wishing I could become cold and indifferent. Don't be sad.....this too shall pass. Meanwhile, alchohol ain't such a bad idea ;-)

Ria said...

I suppose u r goin thru a bad phase. hope u get over it soon!! Hugs.

Oxymoron said...

well....we all know how sick it feels being helpless...it really sucks...i hope things get better foryou..

WarmSunshine said...

yes, He does want you to smile :)

Heathcliffs Girl said...

ok,so i had this old blog where i have writen very similair lines about say 5 years back. today when i read it again its funny and even the shit stuff seems like things i could handle.
i duno whats going on wth you but trust me it all gets better with time! you take care of you,now.

Neha said...

life surely has its ways to surprise you!


blunt edges said...

hehe...no cheer up words or advices...but i must say i liked the small print...cute :)

nil said...

Babe I know what you mean. feeling help less is pretty much a punishment with no cure. Most of the times.
but cheer up, cause hey it's the human nature that finds cures, right?! :)

The last line was down right correct and the best!
Much love :)

ani_aset said...

:) everyone i see is going through same emotions as me. God bless us all

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥