Thursday, May 27, 2010

If I could, I would travel the world in shorts.

Make that purple shorts.

Summer and I don’t really gel well.
Summer hates me and I can’t stand summer!
If I could murder it, I would have done that long back. And the heat really affects my mood. I go mad, like berserk. Start snapping at people like a maniac and all that.
It’s 49.4 degrees in Jaipur. Omg!
What is wrong with the world!
I rather get dragged by camels there than bear the heat.

Oooh by the way, I’ve started meditating. Not proper meditating but it’s more like just sitting in silence for a while and having a completely blank mind. It’s quite a task for someone like me who always has something or the other going on inside. Does your mind hum? Mine does.
In those few minutes, I don’t give a shit to anything else. They can all wait.
With so much happening these days, I thought my poor lil’ head deserved a break. I know I’m sounding like this 50 year old right now but what to do yah!
Am I turning into some sadhu?
Not the ones in orange robes who go wandering off into the forests of course.
More like the ones who are allowed chicken.
And sex.

Zach Braff is so adorable in Scrubs.
I want to adopt him :(

Oh and curly hair, I hate you.


The Me. said...

i hate summers tooo! Totally! Its SO annoying.

TurbulentMind said...

summers..well, no comments (best answer always! :P )

is the liberal meditation helping? (asking coz I might start :P )

Anish Patel said...

I m in Mumbai and here Heat plus Humidity killing me......
Y'day I dehydrated due traveling in company bus.. it takes more than hour due to traffic n felt very dizzy at office...
Rain devta... please come soon.....
and ya, is meditation help? from Heat!!!! :) ......

Ria said...

Yeah i get the drift, i wonder if there is anyone who loves summer apart from the ppl abroad who dont get any!

The Bald Guy said...

You want to adopt him? :|

Right, right.

Blame it on the heat!

K-ay said...

Saxy Lady you, make peace with the summer just like I did.
It will lo-u you more.
And I totally don't judge u for the meditation bit.
I've been practicising since I was 16.
It's good for you.
One day we will act like 50 years and have a long conversation about meditation and spirituality.

Mr Happy said...

where do u find camels in jaipur?:P
tell me the place :P

Well summer has its own fun too,

u can have lots of icecream, cold juices, nice AC sleep, long evenings , and after summer, rains feel like heaven :)

PS: i lived in jaipur for 20 years:)

Raj said...

MEDITATION? omg the heat must be scorching there.

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

aha sadhu who is allowed to have sex...we find those on television only...:P

go cut ur curly hairs...:P or straighten them...:D

The (un)Common Woman said...

My dear orange lady :P ,

You already know how much I liked the title :D And love purple too!

I liked the way you started the post with summer and then suddenly jumped to meditating :P Btw, it helps big time, so way to go gal! :)

I loved the "And sex." line a lot. LOL!

Scrubs, I am yet to watch, waiting for exams to finish.

Just so that it HELPS you, I have naturally straight hairs. :P :P

Don't SMS me yet, charger gone and do has the cell. :(

Love :*

mohit said...

hehe....u said it...winters are better cuz atleast we cn do sum 'stuff' to keep warm :P

best of luck keeping a blank mind !

good 1 tho

sulagna ™ said...

me absolutely slurps over purple shorts..and can i also suggest a thin silver anklet with it pls??

St.Banger said...

but you can travel the world in shorts, no? that way you can bear the heat, meditate with ease and seduce another sadhu in peace

suruchi said...

Wow...if summer could be killed...
Won’t we all be in jail for murder!:-)
I guess few love-hate relations we just can’t do anything about!

Just grin n bare/bear;-)

oRange* said...

Ah, you guys are great! :)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥