Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huh? What? When?

A and B were happily watching MTV when B threw a big, round, black cushion at A. The cushion hit A right on her face. A threw it back at B. This went on until A got irritated and told B to stop. They continued watching tv and then something came into B and he suddenly got up and pressed the cushion on A’s face! A was in for a shock and was fuming with, because she was drooling over Ben Affleck (OMG!!) when B played this stupid prank ..two, A JUST couldn’t breathe! As A couldn’t see a thing, she started moving her legs and hands frenetically! And then finally, B stopped! “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U!”,A screamed! B was laughing hysterically! “Chill, it was a joke!” he said between his laughs! After he was done laughing ..

B: but u shoudnt have slapped me! Relax yaar, it was a just a joke!
A: whaaat? I didn’t slap u!
B: ofcourse u did ..u slapped me hard!
A: no I didn’t!
B: u kicked me in the groin and u slapped me as well!
A: craaaap!

[and this argument continued! Both of them were furious at each other. A got up and left, disgusted.]

For all those who haven’t figured it out ..yeah, A is me :S
and im still wondering ..if I did slap and kick him that hard! I feel as though I was drugged or something coz I swear I don’t remember doing anything like that!
Lol, this is pretty comical! He’s like the 2nd person I’ve slapped (my brother being the first) :D
..and seriously, if I intended to slap him ..i would have slapped him harder :P

So what do u do when something like this happens?! :O
Apologize? But for what o_o
Trust me, im still trying to remember!
Haha ..coz I just remember my hands and legs moving in the air! I mean, if u slap someone, aren’t u supposed to feel it! DUH!

P.S: and no, im not a violent person. I don’t indulge in such ‘hatha payi’ every second day :P
Im a peace-loving person! But when I get down to slapping and kicking pretty GOOD ;)


buckingfastard said...

split personality huh!!! u dunt remember slappin....dats serious i guess

consult ur physician...kk he may suggest u 2 a directly goto psychiatrist...

and apologize to him...nt coz its ur fault...but coz if a gal apologizes 2 a guy...da guy feels super guilty and apologizes 3-4 times in return!!! :P

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Oh my... a girl who hits and forgets...

ok..not at all in good sense for b...mind you...:D

Shanu said... i dont want to b arnd u wen u get into the slap and frgt moods!

oRange* said...

@buckingfastard: lol, yes i think i should consult someone! wow! really? well then i should think about apologizing :D

@Sid 'Ravan' Kabe: yeah, scary noh :P

@Shanu: very rare ..and the best part is even i dont know when im gonna get into such a mood! :D

The Crystal Heart said...

Hey Gaaaawwd.....You Hve no Regrets About Slapped Your Bro.....You Should Appologise With Him...He Has Big Heart....He Easily Forgive You....You Must Give Him Your Aleast Next 6 Months Pocket Money.....

I think You Need A Break From All The Tensions....You Must Go For A World Tour...Your Parents Would Sponsored Your Tours....Its A C.C.T....Climate Change Therapy.....Taaaada

Dhanya said...

Hi-five! I slap and kick pretty well too ;)

And yaar, I don't think you must have slapped the person :| Maybe he's just hallucinating. :P

Pins N Ashes said...

Wow! B has a spilt personality..... or may be you or may be both at the same time... :P

oRange* said...

@The Crystal Heart: umm, okay.

@Dhanya: yayy, someone on my side :D

@Pins N Ashes: he's crazy and thats confirmed! about me? well, i guess even im a bit crack :P

Rishi said...

may be you were voodooed by someone...

oRange* said...


L.O.L sure!

Ashley said...

Sheesh...He is imagining things...
I am with you girl...Has happened to me as well..Its just self defense..Nothing else.. :)

oRange* said...

self defense! exactly
but some people just dont understand -_-

ani_aset said...

well you were well within your limits to have done it... so stop wondering if you actually slapped or not :)..whats wrong with this blog..two posts i read and its all about fights..we need more Love :D

oRange* said...

my blog is all about loving and only loving ya! what u saying :P

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥