Friday, April 2, 2010

I lowe my rubbish

Oh so while talking to a friend today about getting filthy rich and all that, I randomly made some mental notes to myself which I wish to share because I’m not able to sleep and it’s my blog which allows me to jot down any irrelevant *shit* here.

Okay, so I’m going to marry a struggling actor whose struggling days will end some years after we get married. You’ll say what if he remains a struggling actor all his life and I’ll say he won’t because I’ll inspire him to just get better!
And then after that we’ll have our own Mannat in some sexy beach.
Voila! I’m so settled!
And why a struggling actor? I don’t know. Just struggling okay, so that he can’t look beyond me because he’ll be so struggling-struggling at that time. Get it?
And yes, we’ll have a pet so that my kids would treat the pet like their child which would improve their motherly/fatherly skills so that they turn out to be good parents later in life.

That was my life full of rainbows and butterflies. I know.
And who says I don’t plan ha! :P

British guys are H.A.W.T
Omg! I just love their ‘mow-biles’ and ‘faawthuh’ and ‘styoupid’ and what not! So Hugh Grant-isshh :)

Me: Papa, I blog.
Papa: Oh, what do you blog about?
Me: Like general stuff you know ..
..and thank god he was too busy to ask me WHAT I actually blog about because he seriously would not want to know :|
Even I don't know what I blog about.

What do I blog about? Hmm.
(It’s just a rhetorical question. Do not come up with vague, embarrassing answers. Thank you)

I read what I just wrote and yes, my dad should never reach my blog!
Bye bye.


The Bald Guy said...

So you like the Brits eh? Finally someone appreciates them! And No, I'm not Brit!

But whatever! I really like this post! I think I'm going to keep this one as your favorite.

And, er... even I have no idea what I blog about! :P

Somak said...

Well, looks like you've got everything figured out. :D
And it shouldn't be hard to find a struggling actor. There are lots of them actually.
Good luck!

Disguise said...

British guys are stupid as fuck. Learn from me. :) They are awesome on the exterior but they're stupid. Like REALLY stupid!
And on the marrying an actor plan, right on :D

Shreya said...

British guys are stupid and for me :P

Oh and NEVER tell your mom or dad about your blogging business...WHAT do you blog about is the first question and then I WANT TO SEE YOUR BLOG is the next order. Both of which you want to avoid. Learn from your mistakes. Ask me :/


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Lol! I was always scared my parents would read my blog by mistake!! ;)
and i love the 'plan'
Awesome!! :))

Koo said...

British guyyyyyyyyyssssssssss *EEEEE* :P

HAHA. Really, umm, 'unique' plan!

blunt edges said...

hmmm...i guess u do have a point in there somewhere!

nil said...

Hahahah when my dad read my blog, he just gave me a look and left.
I still don't know what to figure of that :P

"I just love their ‘mow-biles’ and ‘faawthuh’ and ‘styoupid’ and what not! So Hugh Grant-isshh :)" -- hahaha AWWWWW!


Ria said...

he he that was such a cute post!! :) I love ur random posts hun. So totally frank and cute.

suruchi said...

Oh your rubbish makes more sense than much sane gibberish I know of...

Btw...the future plans just rock...I hope it’s not too much of a struggle to find a struggling actor...

N hope he is Hugh Grant-isshh.. Otherwise it would all be so ‘styoupid’

oRange* said...

@Bald Guy: yes yes, i lowe them! Lol, i guess it's okay to not know what we blog about :P

@Somak: a struggling who makes it big later, is difficult to find. haha

@Disguise: LOL. Being styoupid is okaaaay, Dish! :D

@Shreya: works for me too ;)
I know, I wonder why I even told him!

@Harini: absolutely!

@Koo: :D

@blunt edges: I always do :)

@nil: That means he loved it! I wonder what mine would do :S

@Ria: awh, thanks Ria!

@Suruchi: aah, a Brit struggling actor ..hmm, you give me ideas, Suruchi!

sulagna ™ said...

does this mean there are Brit guys hovering around all time hot Brit was Huge Jackman as leopold in kate & leopold..all time hot..all time hot

Surreal said...

I love whatever you write because it is straight from the heart.

Chanz said...

perhaps even i need to think, what i blog about... and my folks too should be kept away from this space..

oRange* said...

@Su: No no no, sadly the only ones I get to see are on TV :(

@Surreal: that's so sweet! Thank you :)

@Chanz: yeah! No one wants their folks to stumble upon their blog funnily

- Sugar Cube - said...

And why a struggling actor? I don’t know. Just struggling okay, so that he can’t look beyond me because he’ll be so struggling-struggling at that time. Get it?

Lol :) You are funny! :P

BIG Omi said...

hope ur hypothetical hubby's struggling days get over as soon as he meets his hypothetical Karan Johar :P

Anyway you blog about .. hmmm lemme guess

1.Your funny conversations with your friends!
2.Questions for which you don't have definite answers!
3.And incidents those make your mood swing..... :) I guesss !!

Have a good Friday!

BIG Omi said...

BTW you're dad seems pretty cool! Had my mum known i am blogging, she wud hv ended up reading all my posts :)

oRange* said...

@Sugar Cube: lol :P

@Big Omi: I told you not to answer but chalega ..makes sense! Haha

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥