Friday, April 9, 2010

Random realisations ..

Be Selfish. Be very selfish. Not self-centered.
There have been times when I've been happy or very happy but never content. Now, it's time to move a step forward.
Don't give free ka gyaan. Some people just don't deserve it.
Regretting is a horrible feeling and when it's related to someone who no longer exists, it becomes 10 times worse.
Imagining to be partying in Alaska when it's actually freaking hot, helps. No really, it does.
All the stuff about loving selflessly is bullshit. They make it look like it takes effort. Infact, it's just the opposite. When you're in love, you do stuff because you want to do them ..because it makes YOU happy more than anyone else.
I can never ever write a poem in my life. Never :P
When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there - Cecil Selig
Being ignorant might help you for sometime but there will come a time when it'll hit you hard in your face. Ignorance is not always bliss.
You don't have to practice 'self control' if you just tell yourself that you don't need someone/something to survive.
Forgiving is tough. Forgive but never forget.
Sometimes, we may want something very badly but might not end up getting it but it's certainly worse for those who arent even aware of what they want.
Thinking about how a relationship or anything rather, will end is the worst way to start it.
Sania Mirza will have A LOT to tell her kids!
Sometimes, tacky songs are all you need to lift your mood up. Haha

Cya Baabloos.
Baabloos sounds disgusting, I know. But there’s this Bengali aunty nearby who can’t stop baabloo-ing kids. So, that’s where baabloo comes from :P


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

finally u realize...good now u will b successful in selfish....:D

Miss Sunshine said...

hahaha.. I know.thinking about cold places does actually make u feel bttr.. it actually works :D :P

Mehak said...

hmm, i like this post! it's inspiring, kind of...

Shanu said...

Loved the list..can relate to every point on it :)

Surreal said...

I am also into giving a lot of free ka gyan. But people don't get it. and that makes me feel bad. so, better keep my gyan to myself and apply it for my own good. :)
Good post. :)

Chanz said...

hahaha... be selfish.. okay..?? It helps.. :D I love this man..

buckingfastard said...

once a very irritating prof of us said," ignoranshe ish not a blish, beecoj wuarld wont phorgib u jast beecoj u aar ignoraant"

and once a very disgusting alter-ego of mine told me,"love urself the most, no one else is gonna do dat for u free"

and im totally in luv wid da name baabloo

- Sugar Cube - said...

Hehe..Good ones! Specially liked the selfish and free ka gyan one ;)

Darshan Chande said...

Won't write much on this post for the reason you know, Orange, but one thing I feel like adding here to this thought -

Imagining to be partying in Alaska when it's actually freaking hot, helps.

It might help. But it, too, is not contentment. When something is bad you imagine about good, that's again like creating illusion for your mind. Running away from the reality. Understanding that bad is not bad and good is not good - that is, going beyond good and bad - and accepting everything AS IS with the awareness that this is the only way it CAN be is when you feel contentment.

When it's freaking hot the content person won't think about Alaska. He understands the nature and sees beauty in hotness too.

Anyway, carry on with your journey, Orange. Good thing it is :)

The Bald Guy said...

So I'm thinking if I stop thinking free ka gyaan, what would I do to pass the time of the day at work?


What's Baabloo mean?

oRange* said...

@Sid: Bas, aapki aashirwad se! Haha

@Miss Sunshine: right!

@Mehak, Shanu: thanks :)

@Surreal: exactly. Say only when asked

@Chanz: It so does!

@BF: lol, these bengali professors na! eww weeel not phorgib eyourselph, iiph eew remain eegnorant phor long ..phorget the wuarld :P

@Sugar Cube: :D

@Darshan: Wow! I'll get there, I will.

@Baldie: Baabloo means nothing. It's just a way of calling people ..u know like, munchkin, pumpkin and all that. So, bengali aunty has her way with baabloo :P

Ria said...

well said dear!!u seem to be bcoming wiser by the day. :)

Shreya said...

this post is SO SO SO SO fucking true. every little tiny word. :O

And the last couple lines, they are just Golden words :D

nil said...

It's freaking creepy when I figure you and I have quite a bit of the DITTO stuff that goes on in our respective neurons!

But it's assuring,too. I'm normal.
Much love <3

Americanising Desi said...

may success be yours now and forever :)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥