Thursday, March 11, 2010

With dreams like these, I rather not wake up ..

Some days back, I had this beautiful dream. It felt so damn real and that was the best part of it. The dream was something like I was giving a bath to this little girl who was maybe 3-4 yrs old.

You know sometimes, it just happens that you know who the other person is your dream. So, yah this girl happened to be my daughter. And oh my god, even though it lasted for like 10 minutes or something I could totally feel what I had for her. It’s like my whole world revolved around her and I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life giving her a bath and just being around her and seeing her laugh and giggle. To top it all, she was so ME :)
I could just sense it. I could sense the connection, the love, the affection I had for her. No dream of mine has EVER been so real. Except that of a bald, fat ass with moustache running behind me in some village which I used to get when I was tiny. Oh well, whatever.

It just feels wonderful to get a feel of that ‘unconditional love’ people talk about my dreams, something that’s never happened to me till now but after this I exactly know how it feels(atleast I think I do). I just hope I’m fortunate enough to experience it in real life too :)

P.S: Remember the friend I wrote about ..who’s suffering from cancer. Doctors confirm that his condition is improving day by day and that he has started breathing on his own(he was on ventilator all these days).
Miracles do happen.
And I fucking love God for this.


nil said...

I sure am positive that you'll experience this unconditional love for many more years in life.
You're a good lady! :)

And hey,really glad to know about your friend. Give my well wishes and prayers to him :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

Gosh! I would give anything I have to experience such contentment even in dreamland! To just know what it feels like to be a with a part of you. Literally!!

You touched a chord girl..

Best wishes to your friend and a speedy recovery too!

blunt edges said...

a bald fat ass with moustache running behind u? let's hear about that! ;)

wishing your friend a speedy recovery :)

Raj said...

how sweet. dreaming of kids already. i am more worried about the father. :P

god and his mysterious ways.

Meera said...

I had quite a wonderful dream to yesterday night. :)

Ria said...

cant believe u dreaming of kids and all!! :P God bless ur friend who has cancer.

Chanz said...

maybe the dream is a sign that u r about to get married and u will have a daughter soon.. :P

oRange* said...

@Nil: awh, sweet :)

@Beauty and the Beast: yeah exactly!

@Blunt edges: for sure!

@Raj: who cares about the father! i was just too engrossed in the kid :P

@Meera: :)

@Ria: my dreams are pretty weird actually. they have no connection with what goes on in my life :P

@Chanz: haha! no. shaadi ko time hain baba!

Americanising Desi said...

i too have that unconditional love from someone and it feels so damn great!


ani_aset said...

i can understand how you of my friend survived..and i love god for this

Urvashi said...

hey watever u wrote was so connecting n so true that I could really feel tht every word was not jus a word but a part of a feelin n emotion..

Happy dreaming :) :)

Shreya said...

my dreams are pointless :(

oRange* said...

@AD: awh, thats great! lucky you

@ani: wow! makes me feel even better.

@Urvashi: thank you urvashi!

@Shreya: dont worry. more than half of mine are as well. so fucking random that i just cant help but laugh at myself :|

Nipun said...

Dream and Dream until u wake up.
My dreams are so weird that I cant even share...:P

Terrific work..



Disguise said...

Love has found you, huh? :)
Good luck!

Somak said...

That's nice. Lets hope you'll find such love in your real life as well.

oRange* said...

@Nipun: most of mine are like that as well :P

@Disguise: in my dreams, yes :P
should find me in real too or so i hope!

@Somak: thank you Somak!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥