Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want a pet.


I know you’re up there and I know you’re reading this. You know what, I always thought you to be really sensible and I absolutely adore your views about stuff. You have such a unique way of looking at things! People around give me weird looks when they hear I read your books but I always stand up for you.
Ya so, my friend who btw is the only Osho fan I’ve met in my vicinity, and I planned to visit your ashram one weekend but the fucking ticket costs a whooping Rs. 950! Not that I’m seeing you alive, honey! If you were sitting inside then 950 would be nothing but paying 950 just to walk on those lush green lawns and to see people meditating around is such a waste of precious precious money. You don’t want me dying of guilt with every step I take inside your ashram, do you? So, I am not going. You will not see me there and I am mighty miffed. And you’re smiling, sitting up there. You always do.
And btw, how are the Osho chappals related to you? I don’t know how the whole world wears them. They fucking prick me.

Not much Love,

Those who don’t know who Osho is, no you don’t need to jump off the window. Just go Google if you care. I know you don’t. Who does. Ha! :)

P.S: Ranting about making life simple is so easy but when it comes to your own case, you don’t leave a chance to screw it up. Right? Don’t say you disagree because I’m sure all of us at one point or the other have screwed things up on our own for ourselves. It’s okay, we’re human. Shit happens. Problem is, for how long?

Ya I know the title didnt have any connection with what I wrote but what the hell, I do want a pet.


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Ok... hope the letter is delivered to Osho...:P

Saurabh Panshikar said...

950? That would be like the cost of 20 pairs of chappals!

I'd rather wear the chappal and meditate!

Was just wondering about the title when read the last line...

Meenakshi said...

hope you get your pet; and psst psst; you may name him Osho.. maybe then Osho might actually come down and meet u via your pet or at least stop smiling from above. (maybe the smile can turn to laughter too)

hoping the shit stops happening. ;)

buckingfastard said...

ohh i love osho...seriously...i m not kidding...i seriously admire him...why dont u trust me...

kk u got me!!! :P

only gud thing abt osho is his beard...i want a similar mustache...

950 bucks!!! :O goto essel world...u will find nirvana quicker and cooler!!!

want a pet...get a boyfraand

Raj said...

osho? no comments. he sounds superhuman. though i bet he is a stinky old fat man full of lies.

anyways, I HAVE A PET. a black lab :P

and yes shit happens and keeps happening. :P

anyways take care lil girl

Ria said...

ha ha that was a cute letter to Osho!!i hope hea read this. :)

And yeah this post did leave me wondering what did it hav to do with the subject of the post!?

P.S: Havent seen u on my blog off late, any specific reason??

Lavender said...

You read osho?!
*stares wide eyed*
Well, I'm very jealous.
I'm s[iritual and all that, but I've never gotten down to reading any of his stuff!
I really want to.
Where do I start?

P.S. I've been to the ashram. It's beautiful. i really want to meditate there an all man. Seems very fancy.

sulagna ™ said...

imagine i have stayed here for 9 years and the closest i got to the ashram is the barista there :) anyhow i think i must try giving it a read...haina?? kothay start kori bol ektu!

Disguise said...

Sulagna told me about this Osho guy. :)

Chocolate Lover said...

wasn't knowing about osho!! :P
but then mom told me who he is!!

Amrit said...

Well if you have read him enough you you will never say that and just change the attitude and try it once, the experience is priceless and to make you jealous let me tell you this :) We have a free full meditation day here at Osho center every month and sometimes Laughing meditation too and it is BLISS :)

oRange* said...

@Sid: I'm sure it has!

@Saurabh: haha, I tell you!

@Meenakshi: oh yes, I can just name it osho :P

@BF: shaaathaap! you like his beard from all that he has to offer? :|
no, i want a hassle free pet you see ;)

@Raj: he does not sound superhuman. all that he says is possible to implement. you just need to start.

@Ria: ya haha, I did comment regarding that ..on your blog :P

@Lavender: Just start. Pick any book of his up and begin. Stuff like 'Life, Love, Laughter' and 'Here and Now'. He unlike Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho writes in a more simple language which the readers can also connect with. Like Paulo Coelho keeps talking about the Traditional Moon and the Traditinal Sun which I still havent understood :|
Yes, I've heard the meditation room is beautiful. I'll go there someday :)

@Sulagna: *pulls Su's cheeks*
Read what I wrote to Lavender. Once you start, you'll just continue reading his stuff because it is pretty grasping. Atleast thats what happened to me!

@Disguise: greaat!

@Choco: haha! Wow, Osho's getting popular :P

@Amrit: No, I'll certainly not give up reading his books because of this. And I dont think it is 950. Doesnt make sense, I'll have to check it up with someone else. Wow, sounds amazing haa!

Amrit said...

Well from little experience I can say just reading literature is like reading a recipe, you need to meditate to feel the real taste and then recipe will also starting making more sense :)

Shreya said...

osho chappals are out of fashion man! i never liked them :/

Oh i need a pet too, a part time one, like comes in when i want, goes out when i scream...let me know if you know of any such pet.

I'll go go-ogle osho man now :)

Lavender said...

@Orange: I like Paulo! yea I don't know what the Tradition of the sun and the Moon is, but neither does google. So I'm guessing he made that stuff up. I think he always attempts to sound fancier than he is. otherwise, i love his book. deepak, I haven't read. Don't intend to :P

But Osho, definitely going to :D

@Shreya: Steal neighbour's pet woman!

oRange* said...

@Amrit: Right but reading is like the first step towards it.

@Shreya: hahaha! i want a pet which doesnt poop much u know ..hassle free!

@Lavender: I have always liked it his books too especially Eleven Minutes! Oh yes, dont bother reading Deepak Chopra's books :|

Anish Patel said...

It is definitely not 950, I had visited Ashram in last April, and It is just 10 Rs per person but You need to book in advance, a day before. You can find details here,

And Best of Luck with Pet, Hope you will get one soon.

suruchi said...

This is so cute Orange...
Been a while since I last hopped about here...n regretting it already...
Rs. 950 is bloody much...and not even getting to see him alive...lolzzzzzz
I am glad u decided against it...dying of guilt is relatively worse than dying of lack of viewing the greenery n meditative madness

P.S. 1.The Osho chappals...they fucking prick me too;-)
P.S. 2. What the hell...u must get that pet now:-)

BIG Omi said...

This Orange cracks me up! Well I feel Osho is just a good read! BTW Ashram visit is all worth i've heard!

Did u heard his lecture on Fuck :) ???

U want a pet.. u gal go get a pet! :)

Take care!

Shruti said...

Hi, I Lauuu the beeeeg filawar on your template. :)

oRange* said...

@Anish: Yes, I checked and it's 25 now. I'm so going!

@Suruchi: lol, thanks Suruchi! And i got to know it's only 25 bucks. He'll see me soon :)

@Big Omi: oh yes i have! I actually started with that :P

@Shruti: awh, you laaau? i hatesss :(

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥