Saturday, September 12, 2009

oh sheeeeeet! :P

Okay! I have a blog name and I haven’t given out my real yet.
The reason being that im more comfortable this way and if I feel the need to reveal my identity someday here, I will :)
So just when I thought I was doing a good job and that none of my friends who blog or read blogs came across mine ..this happened..

Lets name this friend of mine M and below is a part of our conversation about 'Pebbles'..

M: oh btw! Do u like have a blog? U didn’t even give me the link!

Me: me? Blog? No ways! I told u earlier that im too lazy to start one

M: seriously? I came across this blog and this girl sounded so much like u! ditto

Me: really? Oh okay! So did u play pool today? (
topic change! Topic change!)

M: no not today. Got bored.

Me: aah, 2 days and u get bored!

M: check it out! Just check it out

Me: (guhreat! He’s giving me the link to my OWN blog) oh ya ok ..later

M: NOW! Cmon, I gtg in 5 mins! Just read her posts

(*argh*) arey yaar! Okay

[I don’t reply for 10 minutes. Pretending to read this ‘girl’s’ blog]

M: done? The bobby deol thing, Ben Affleck, the SRK thing, those quotes u forced me to read and her excited views on marriage! Total U!

Me: so?

M: she writes just the way u do. Weird. I thought it was u by the end of it. Okay, I gtg. Cya later

Haha, he knows me really well I must say :D

So, M if u’r reading this..Yeah, oRange* is indeed ..ME :)
Ya ya, call me when u’r done reading this
And I even know the trail of questions that will follow :P


Dhanya said...

Lol! That must have been awkward :D

oRange* said...

oh seriously! more than weird it was really funny :P

Americanising Desi said...

so a blog name and a lost gurl :)

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥