Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just 5 more minutes! Pleaaaaseee!

This is how all my mornings begin:

4:55 a.m
hmm, I have 5 more minutes. Snooze

5:00 a.m
I can sleep for 10 more minutes. I wont be late. Snooze

5:15 a.m
I wont shampoo my hair today. Its not even oily. Snooze

5:30 a.m
arey yaar! I'll take the rick instead of the bus. Snooze

5:45 a.m
WTF. When did it become 5:45! How am I gonna get ready in 20 minutes :O

*switches of the alarm and runs for the loo*

..and my whole day goes this way..running!


I suffer from a problem. I can’t wake up in the morning. It JUST doesn’t happen. U wake me up at 6, its too early..u wake me up at 8, its too early ..and even if u wake me up at 11, its STILL too early!

My mornings start with me battling with my alarm clock and my phone and my mind which keeps wanting to sleep more and more! My mum, my poor poor mum loses an extra hour of her sleep to wake me up! I feel so meaaan :(

But trust me I’ve tried everything! I’ve tried putting all kinds of weird songs as my alarm tone but gradually my ears got adapted to every fucking song! Then I tried putting an ugly alarm clock(with an uglier tone) on top of the cupboard but ..i didn’t end up hearing it :S
There have been times when I’ve asked my friends to give me wake-up calls and talk for a few minutes so that im all UP ..but even that didn’t work! I slept through all their calls :((

Gimme solutions people! It gives me the creeps to think about the time when I’ll have office and ill be staying alone..what am I going to do! Who’s going to wake me up :O
Ill be fired on the first day itself! Sheeeeeeeet!


Rishi said...

i used to have the same trbl...

the early u sleep, ealy u'll wake (but any nettizen finds sleeping early amoral)

i used to keep 3 alarms... two clocks and one on my mobile each at 5 mins difference..

1st one near head, second one near my feet and last one on the table... it worked

oRange* said...

woah! ill try that. thank you

Lavender said...

Omg story of my life!
lengthy phone conversations help. Talk for atleast 15 minutes. Once ur mind is up and awake it's not that hard to wake up. :)

Americanising Desi said...

rule number one!


just pretend it is not there!

it worked for me and hence i m never late for anything!

Dhanya said...
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Dhanya said...

Hahaha. How about setting 'Aloo Chaat' as the song you wake up to? Gah! It sure is a lot of noise :|

I have the same problem as you, btw. :(

oRange* said...

@Lavender: i've tried that a gazillion times but thank you!

@AD: u'r never late for anything :O
im late for EVERYTHING!

@Dhanya: haha, i agree!

The Crystal Heart said...

Hey You Must Put Some Heavy Metal Song On Alarm Clock.....Aur Also Put Alarm On ur Audio MP3 Player....Raise Ur Player Volume Full..They Wake All Your Neighours....

Hey You Also Put 5, 6 Alarm On Remember Events Option...Each 5 Min Gap....Last Solution Break The Alarm Clock.....Because Of Snooze You Didnot Complete Ur Sleep...On 11 O'Clock You Wake Up Easily Without Alarm Clock.....

Yar You Would Open Your Own Company......Wat Say Your Company Your Rulez...

P.S-: Good Night Sweet Dreams....Sleep Well.

oRange* said...

yes thank you and i ALWAYS sleep well :)

The Kook said...

i love your blog!

I have the same problem. first of all, check you are not low on iron.

tips to wake up: you HAVE to get in to the habit of jumping out of bed as soon as ur alarm goes off. even if you are VERY drowsy. you just get up and stand up. or sit up at least.

oRange* said...

im in the process :(
and the day that happens u shall be the 1st to know :D

and thank you so much!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥