Monday, August 24, 2009


Sometimes u cry, just for the sake of it..

Sometimes u want cry like crazy. the times when u'r just too screwed and the best way to vent it out would be to cry. so u try really hard to weep but not a fucking drop comes out!

Sometimes u know u'r just going to burst out crying near all those people and before u can even try to stop them..whaaaaaaaam, there come your tears rolling down! just so embarrassing.

damn. that sucks. its like someone else has control over my tear glands -_-

btw, have u guys heard 'cry' by rihanna? its faaab :)


ani_aset said...

you should have put up a youtube link to the song here, that spares the reader some time :)
Yea one feels like crying sometimes, but thats the time you realise your true friends :)

.... said...

OH god... this is so like what I feel so many times and I often hate myself for it because like u said, it sucks that someone else has control over our tear glands.

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥