Monday, August 17, 2009


Honesty is the best policy. being honest is being 'good'. you must always say the truth. lying is 'bad'.

i've heard all this a million times but how true is it?! personally, i dont believe in saying the truth always. before just blurting out the truth, i feel its very important to gauge the situation first. why should we always stick to the truth if the people listening arent ready for it? will they accept u inspite of hearing the truth? if not, then whats the need to say the truth and screw things up!
i dont understand why people go on and on about 'being truthful' if they arent prepared to hear it!

i lie. its not a habit but i've lied quite a number of times. most of the times to save both me and the other person from all the complications that would arise because of this small, insignificant truth.
at the same time, i dont think one should lie about major things. major here meaning, somethings which will affect your and the other person's life. so it basically depends on how big a truth u'r hiding.

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ani_aset said...

makes a lot of sense, and i guess we all follow it too. Not saying a truth to save a relationship is fine i guess isnt it

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