Monday, August 17, 2009

Me and my love for Bobby Deol.

yes, Bobby Deol :)
before u think im totally crazy to like bobby deol, just hear me out

the guy's actually really sweet. i think he's highly misunderstood. yes, he cant dance nor does he act that well and he isnt that much of a great looker too but still :P
i mean, i pity him. so many years in the industry but people hardly like him. imagine the pressure people! being dharmendra's son and all that :D
i so wish he gets good movies..rather movies in his kitty!

note to bobby:
if at any point of time u need a supporter, im always there. go bobby!

'Soldier, soldier..meethi baatein bolkar, dilko chura legaya'
okay, that movie wasnt thaaaaaat bad.

cant believe I was that bored


What's In A Name!? said...

Hah. My masi was a fan of bobby deol and his hair style. We all think she's crazy. (not just for his bobby deol thingy! hahahah!)

Paradox Philic said...

Bobby deol... hmmm ... remember him in bichhoo..I guess he has not one but two supporters :P

aqua gurl said...

hmm.....i like boddy deol too, totally agree with this post!

aqua gurl said...


oRange* said...

wow! im surprised i found people like me
cool, bobby's gonna be glad! :)

soniayesha said...

sweet one !:)
I saw one of his interview and found him really nice and down toearth , modest kind of guy
very family oriented and values preserving type
so i like him too in this way

ani_aset said...

hahaha i cant believe
i like abhay deol
hes one of the good actors around :)

oRange* said...

yeah, abhay deol's a damn good actor!

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥