Sunday, March 27, 2011

Titles are a bitch. No?

Sometimes when somebody pops up out of the blue and makes you feel good and helps you to come over something, you're in for a surprise and slowly you start expecting that out of the person every time. It's like that becomes his job - to make you feel better when you're down in the dumps. You feel like he did it last time, he'll do it again now. In fact, he'll do it at all times. And just when you start liking it, it stops.

Nobody stays in your life forever. So, stop expecting that in the first place. With time, you will grow over some people, some people will grow over you, it’s like that. All this “forever” business - its bullshit. Best thing about this is, you know you have limited time with everybody who enters your life so guess you should make the best of it and be around those who make you happy. Trying to make something happen with someone who makes you anything less than happy is a waste of precious precious time. I'm still coming to terms with that.

Anyway, in other totally random useless news: mother thinks that I've turned into a complete fighter cock. I say "Yeh zaalim duniya ko dosh do, mujhe nahi!". Yes, even I've noticed the change. I just have to scream at the random people I meet while I'm travelling. Well but hey are annoying okay! Auto drivers who drive slow, aunties who take up 2 whole seats in the train, aunties who don't know where to place their big bum, uncles who sway their hands while walking, people who throw things out of the window, people who cough without covering their mouth among others, a lot others!

I know some of them might be innocent and sometimes I do try and be kind to them but most of the times I'm too toasted to think about them. Majority of the auto drivers and cabbies suck. Period. So what to do?
Tell MEEEEEEE! (That's me screaming at you btw)

Niggardly, quixotic, jingoism, peregrinations, paraphernalia.
Do you know what these words mean? You do? Okay bye.
Why does CAT do this to you? Why does it make English seem alien to you? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? *makes a constipated face and runs away crying*


Me-Era* said...

Forever business is bullshit. Agreed.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

I dunno what those words mean. :| But I will google.

Oh, and those things about auto drivers and aunties with big bums..Man, I so wanna scream at them, but I just choose to ignore. :|

Anonymous said...

even I was going through the same phase where I had shout n scream at everybody. I had totally lost it.
Then one fine day, I got totally drunk, 120ml of vodka brought me back to normal! :)

Shreya said...

You make me feel unintelligent. *runs to the online dictionary* :(

☆ Rià ღ said...

ha ha!! Yea CAT is horrible...i mean it! I remember the days when i used to prepare for CAT, i hated them. Even though i love English, the vocab was nothing like what it used to be.

Aah abd abt screaming well i do it way too often too!! count in my ppor hubby who takes it all. :P

Tongue-fu Lady said...

u read my mind.... grazie for inkin it down!!

Nothing lasts for ever no matter how hard we try to hold on to it :)

Ice Maiden said...

LOL! I just took a trip down memory lane from the 4th year. Ah CAT 2008. The most questions CAT has ever seen.. :) It was fun with verbal though, I somehow always liked the words that sounded all weird and had weirder meanings :P Me and my bestie had this way to linking every stupid sounding word like the ones you have mentioned, to some event or some idiot from the class or something completely random and then it was all LOADS of fun :P :D Nobody got why words made us laugh :P :)

I get mad at people who stroll along Dadar station thinking of it as some park, at peak hour. I felt like tripping them over :P Evil I am. :P

Nice blog! :)


nil said...

hahahahhaah aaaaaaaand my love is baaaack! damn was it nice to read so much randomness at once or what!

: ) loovveeeeee.

Raj said...
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