Wednesday, April 6, 2011

K3G. Yes, *that* K3G.

I’m watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham right now.Yes, judge me. I can hear you already -_-

I don’t care. K3G makes me happy and brings back some memories I rather not talk about.

The amount of times “Aaa ..aa ..aa. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham, na juda honge hum, kabhi khushi ..kabhi ghammm” comes is uncountable! And everyone’s just crying all the time and Kareena is so annoying and AB can’t get grumpier than this! But I still love watching such stupid brainless KJo drama shamas sometimes.

When I was tiny, I would dream of getting married and living in a joint family. Mamas, chachas, Dada-dadi, Nana-nani, Buas, Mausi, Mausa and a few kids here and there and four-five maids under one roof. Now, when I think about it, I shudder. Nothankyou :|

The husbaaand and I should be fine and then maybe we’ll adopt here and there.

Now, I must go back to my movie. SRK awaits.
I really think they should make a sequel. What say people? :D

P.S: I’ve started throwing things at people when I get mad at them. Am I becoming crazy? Is this my violent streak?

I need some coolsummerinternshipthingwhichisfunandwhichalsopaysme. Yeah, something like that. You hear me!


sulagna ™ said...

:) my mom and her kitty gang took me to watch this movie in the club, i was sitting among 12 women in sarees and kerchiefs in their hand..need i say more about memories :)

Anonymous said...

Haha :) yes do they bring out some memories..
No joint family for me also!!! Lol
You will get over the violent streak, don't worry!

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That national anthem ka scene! :O OMG!!

Internship, yes yes. Me too looking for the same!

Good luck! :)

Me-Era* said...

I gifted this movie ka songs to my mom on one of her bdays. :D :D

And lady, keep in touch!

oRange* said...

@Su: Awh! I'm not alone :D

@Colours: I hope I get over it fast :\

@The Blue Periwinkle: Omg you loved it too? Same! :O

@Me-Era: I will and the same goes to you :)

sandhyaa said...

i cried my eyes out when shahrukh was goin away....and yeah i also love kajol drama :) shahrukh...hrithik..whats there to hate ???
i also shud have some K3G time...

Shreya said...

You hit me up when you get one of those coolsummerinternshipthingies. =(

☆ Rià ღ said...

ha ha yea this does take me back in time...its all abt loving ur family.

blunt edges said...

If I say what I feel about K3G, I'm sure you would hate me, so i wisely choose to keep mum! :|

oRange* said...

@sandhyaa: I know right, what's there to hate :\

@Shreya: *sighs* right. Still waiting btw ..

@Ria: Lol, that tagline was a bit lame though :P

@blunt edges: No no, I know what you want to say

*orange plum* said...

K3G <3 <3 <3

All the best for the cool internship :D

And I like screaming better than throwing things around.

Raj said...
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Menachery said...

lol, k3g yes yes def gets bak certain memories for mst ppl :) .. good read

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