Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes, I still exist.

Okay, so these random questions keep popping In my head from all that’s happening in and around. So just solve them ..will you!

What do you do if you hear real nasty things about this friend of yours (A) from a common friend? Stuff you never imagined A could do. I know I keep talking about not being judgemental and all that but I know somewhere down the line, what she said about A did change my attitude towards him. It keeps coming back to me whenever I speak to him. And I feel so hypocritical.

When I look around, why do I see so many people ‘practicing’ self-control but when I look at myself .. I see no sign of it? How important is self-control? Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me. I feel you should do whatever makes you happy. Suppressing your emotions is just not right, I feel. But now, I’m scared if this ‘reckless’ behaviour of mine will put me in deep shit one day. At the same time I know whatever happens, happens for a GOOD reason so be it. I’m just going to do what I feel like B-)
And then, 40 years down the line when I’m all old and jobless, I shall write in this same blog of mine stating if my decision was a right one! I’m so curious. Haha.
Till then, I think it’s worth the risk ;)

Okay, so I’m sure many of us, at one point or the other have found ourselves regretting not thinking enough before taking certain decisions taken in the past. My question is, how much is enough? :D
Like, when do you know – Yes, I’ve thought enough and now I’m ready to take the decision. Absurd? Yes, I know.
Everyone’s ultra complicated. Some show it, some don’t. I don’t think anyone is ‘simple’. Not at all.

I am out of the loop.
Totally by choice.
Clap for me if you get me :D

Oh and I'm just too caught up with things these days which is why I couldnt read all your new posts. I shall do so asap :)

P.S: I gave the first interview of my life and it was KILLERRR! :)


*Shreya* said...

:S ummm can you not expect me to answer all of those questions and ask you one instead?

what was the interview about?!?!?!? :D

you know na orange, we are same same khet ki mulli :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said... u got me thinking....errr....

The Crystal Heart said...

Hey Gawddd Now lil Royal Princess Ko Bhi Job Ki Zarurat Padh Gaye Ram Ram Ram....Ap Tho Gareb Bacho Maine 500 - 500 Rupee K Note Distribute karti Thi....What A Game Of Destiny Best Of Luck Orange Ji

The Bald Guy said...


Got the job? Good luck!

oRange* said...

@Shreya: to be a part of the college fest committee! oh yes, we are! haha

@Sid: think think! :D

@The Bald Guy: not a job but thanks :)

@The Crystal Heart: ?

nil said...

Okayy. Im still thinking.

Is it just me,or is it true im confused with the same issues?



same here....i tell my friends....its their life...they can do whatever they want with it ....who are we to be so judging....and at the same time i end up changing my opinion about them..i think ultimately if they are ur friends and are good shouldnt matter what they do ...probably it was one of those mistakes that one makes once in a while.
god!there are so many questions that irritate me too.....can get a li'l scary when you dont kno what's gonna happen in the future :(

nil said...

ohhhh andd andd andd congo on the intervieww!!! :))

blunt edges said...

i used 2 think a lot before taking a i don't! coz no matter what, i'll end up making a "mistake" according 2 someone or the atleast i'll feel good that i was instinctive! makes sense?

oRange* said...

@nil: lol! dont worry, im equally confused!

@Little on the edge: yeah, seriously

@blunt edges: yes yes, it does!

drizzledrops said...

tru.. absolutely tru... hypocritical the word of the day.. sometimes it so happens that the person tells you about a third person and ..well does not mention the name but .... remembers to throw in the fact that " you know the person very well" hmmm. and u spend ur time wondering... you noe ur not supposed to , but u still do... and

the time to take a decision is a question equivalent to the might of ... " how big is the universe?"

plz, do give more interviews...just coz the 1st didnt give desired results doesnt mean the others wont....

Harini said...

I am thinking now. Will respond when i stop pondering and come up with answers :P.

PS- Do you want to take out that undefined from there and have a date and day there instead? If yes its simple and I can tell you free of cost :P.

Ria said...

first of all congrats for the interview!!and abt the questions....well sometimes self control does bcome important for ur own self!

The Crystal Heart said...

Blue is song

Yellow is music

Green is dance

Red is beauty

Pink is for Joy.

I wish all these color may fall on u?

Wishing you and your family a very Happy & Joyful Holi. May this holi brings all colours of happiness n success in ur Life & Family


ki said...


The West Wind said...

You are so right.. everyone is complicated in their own way. Good write up..
U have been tagged. Check out here

oRange* said...

@drizzle drops: ya, maybe no one knows how much is 'enough'

@Harini: oh, what an angel you are! please tell me! i've been trying to get rid of that 'undefined' since god knows when!

@Ria: hmm, thats what i dont get :P

@Crystal: same to u

@ki: :D

@West Wind: hey thanks!

Ana said...

Wow, after a lot of hopping here and there, I found you :|

oRange* said...


buckingfastard said...

ohh u still exist!!phew!!! hope ur no more endangered!!

self control is da time period between orgasm and ejaculation...da longer u can hold it...da more are chances of childfree happy future

Amrit said...


Nipun said...

People do exist!!
self control...:)

Do put up the Rocking interview u gave...:)
Would love to read.



oRange* said...

BF: HAHAHAHAHA! thats the most hilarious definition of self control i've heard btw. Nahaice!!

@Amrit: :)

@Nipun: haha sure. i dont really remember what i blabbered though

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥