Saturday, February 6, 2010

When everything's meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am

Just as I was staring at myself in the mirror thinking about something, I realised that my patience has increased immensely in these years.
Thanks to a few lovely people.
And ofcourse, a few shitheads too without whom it wouldn’t have been possible :)

Everyone’s getting married.
Even I feel like it.
Just that I don’t have a guy in hand now.
Problem na?

When some people make a come back in your life, is it natural to get tempted and get into the whole thing again? What if you want to but history reminds you that it might not be such a good idea? Requires strength to stand up and say ‘go away'. I’m not sure if I have that in me. Talk about tempting offers -_-

I *think* I’m going through a writer’s block.
Something like, you open the word document to write a new blog post and nothing ..absoulutely nothing strikes you! Your mind's blank! That's all.
YES. That is it.

I don't like the number '63'. Make it 64 atleast.


*Shreya* said...

writer's block. tell me about it :|


The Bald Guy said...

Guy in hand?

GUY in Hand?



Are we sparrows damn you!


hey u've done well so far....i dont think u will lose it so easily :)so cheer up...everyone getting married?????how old are you 0_o

oRange* said...

@Shreya: yes, i can understand :'(

@Ramit: HAHAHAHA! Sparrows are cute ya. Pigeons? :P

@Little On the Edge: i'm just 19. everyone as in, cousins and stuff. yes, i hope i dont :(

Rahil said...

"Just that I don’t have a guy in hand now" hehe..

i just got over with my writer's block after a month..and almost this this is the time i last visited your blog. Hope aal is well :)

It took me 5mins why u mentioned the number "63", just before leaving the page i got my eyes to the followers number.. :)

Keep in touch
take care

- Sugar Cube - said...

Yeah it is natural to get tempted.
And no matter how hard you try to not let the past exp change your mind...tempting offers are just too strong to avoid :D

writer's block.Likewise in my case :|

- Sugar Cube - said...

Oh btw..the title - I love that song.

The Bald Guy said...



Yemiledu said...

A deep breath and a sigh...
Relax Orange!
When history is warning you to keep away from the tempting offers..Think twice before you do anythinh.
Easy said..huh!
Anyways take care.
I like what you wrote here to the right...At the end of the day....

63 is a mighty number but I want it to be 100 for you!!

buckingfastard said...

guys run to save urself!!!run run run!!! she wants to get married!!!

wats wid gals and winter!! wid all marriages goin around dey r bound to feel mushy....get drunk and puke over it dear!!!

getting back wid ur ex...features just above choosin mayavati as da list of wrong decisons!!!

Chocolate Lover said...

you seriously want to get married ? (O_o)

Vinay Sharma said...

o'lck for getting over it soon :) ..

malpani.!! said...

you got ur 64!! :) have fun..!!
and talk abt getting writer's block.. i have it even when i have pages to fill..!!
and about tempting offers and doing the same thing again.. trust me its a viscious circle..!! :p
try new!! :p

oRange* said...

@Rahil: haha, smart! now, its no more 63 :D

@Suger Cube: so right :S
I love that song too :)

@Ramit: yass!

@Yemiledu: thats a quote from grey's anatomy. awh, thanks yemiii :D

@BF: lol, i liked the way u put it. no ex or anything but pata nai :(

@Choco: lol, yes ..WOW! :P

@Vinay: :)

@malpani: oh, thank you!!

Rishi said...

try plinky (google it)

it works wonders when ur in writers block...

as for the rest... I run away from such matters..

blunt edges said...

your patience has increased? yeah your post kinda showed that...very patient 2 get married :P

ps: btw its 65 now :D

Ria said...

can totally relate to this one!!marriage n writer's block....too much to take i guess!!

nil said...

Ey, oRange*! Go treat yourself from my side..dont feel low okayy! You're awesome--that's the million dollar code baby ;)

oRange* said...

@Rishi: sure

@blunt edges: lol :P

@Ria: hehe!

@nil: you sure know how to get a smile on my face! haha, mwah!

Nipun said...

A treat from my side..
Long time to marriage...:P

CHeer up..


Disguise said...

I'll marry you :*
But I'm a girl. Deal with it,.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Ur patience has increased.
Interesting post! :)

Raj said...

guy in hand?
thats never happening. :P

as for the writers block, things just arent happening in ur life thats all. admit it, lyf is just plain boring right now. :P

on more serious terms, quit worrying. :)

sulagna ™ said...

ohhooo sheemki...marriage and all can wait ya...but the tequila shots,pink nailpaints, group pedicures with the girl gang,midnight gosssip cant!!!

so just go out , have the best paani puri available and feel like a princess, coz thats what you are

and oh oh!!! thanks a tonne for the beautiful wishes on my anniversary post :) heeee

oRange* said...

@Nipun: ahah, yeah :P

@Disguise: chalega. no issues ;)

@Chandrika: lol, thanks

@Raj: you're right ..nothing worth writing about actually :(

@Su: awwwh :)
Su strikes again!

nil said...

Kintu tumi kothaaaaaaaeee?!

Oxymoron said...

marriage much fun can that be....and writers block...well i myself took a little break...i guess that helps....

All of us are stars and deserve the right to twinkle ♥